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    Hi fellows, My real name is Davy Maekelberg, 31 years, living in Belgium... I have a Ford Focus MK II pre facelift Trend, 1.6TDCi 109HP (bought it in April 2008) to replace my old Ford Orion 1.4GL I hope I enjoy this forum as much as I do enjoy it on the others My English is not as fluently and well written, but I hope u understand my little chit chat and if I make errors u are allowed to correct me
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    Dragunov's Here!

    Thanks a lot! Yes, it's working now by clicking the icon :) Cheers!
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    Dragunov's Here!

    Thanks alot! I cannot use Enter, so I need to write it all in one line. How to change this? Thanks!
  4. Just don't try to update your Tachometer with it, better have one with USB if u wanna update the Tach on Focus II Facelift ;)