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  1. Dave68

    Ecoboost coolant bubbling

    Hello Ian You have explained perfectly what I was experiencing. When I switch off after a run the main fan by the radiator switches off a few moments after engine dies. But then you can hear a fainter hum that goes on for a bit longer. When it stops the bubbling also stops. Your explanation fits perfectly. Thank you.
  2. Dave68

    Ecoboost coolant bubbling

    Hi Daniel thanks for your reply and explanation. Much relieved. I suspected that it possibly was normal because the temperature gauge showed normal. Very pleased with the engine performance. I
  3. I recently purchased a new Fiesta ( not very latest model ) with a petrol ecoboost 1.0. 100 engine. After a drive round town yesterday I lifted the bonnet and noticed that the coolant in the reservoir was bubbling after I had switched the engine off. This continued for a minute or so and the fan was also running. When the fan stopped the bubbling also stopped. The coolant level when cold is normal and the temperature gauge also shows normal when running. Is this normal in an ecoboost engine.
  4. Dave68

    Mondeo---Rear Light Seals

    Thanks again Jeebo for your help. Dave
  5. I have a 1999 Mondeo, T reg. Water has been leaking into the boot via the seals of both rear light clusters which now will have to be replaced. Is this a fairly straightforward job that can be tackled by a fairly handy amatuer ( me) or should it go to a garage. Also can I get away with only replacing the seals or do I have to renew the plastic cover of the rear light clusters also. Dave.
  6. Dave68

    Water In Rear Seat And Boot

    Jeebo, your diagnosis is spot on. The water is definitely entering around both rear light clusters. Obviously new seals required. I thought I would have a go at it myself-------am I being wise. I presume that it's just a case of removing each light cluster, removing the old seals and inserting the new ones. Would value your opinion on this. Thanks again. Dave.
  7. Dave68

    Water In Rear Seat And Boot

    Jeebo, thanks for your help. As soon as it gets a bit warmer I shall get the hose out and check all seals etc. The fact that I have completely emptied the boot ( some job ) helps a lot as I can actually see the possible sites of leakages now. If I find the cause I shall report back. Dave
  8. Dave68

    Water In Rear Seat And Boot

    Hi Jeebo, have checked around the top of the hatch and can't see any water marks. Completely emptied the boot and used the rear screen wash ----still no sign of water ingress. I suspect it is coming in through the bodywork from the outside. Think I will just have to be detective for a bit. Having completely stripped the boot and removed the spare wheel I found that the spare wheel basin had 2 inches of water in it ! I suspect that it has gradually built up, perhaps over years. Eventually it has reached such a level that, during normal driving and braking, the water has slopped forwards and seeped into the rear seat area via the back edge of the seat where it meets the vertical seat back. The rear part of the felt boot lining was dry, only the front third near the rear seat was wet. Now that the boot is completely empty and dry I will keep a close check on it, paticularly during wet weather, to try and find the point of entry. What do you think. Also thanks for your reply and suggestions. Dave P.S. In the floor of the spare wheel basin are 3 grommits. Would it be sensible to remove one to let any water that enters to pass through. Not the proper answer I know.
  9. I have a 1999 Mondeo I.8 with 37000 miles registered. I have recently noticed quite a bit of water present in the rear seat at the back of the seat where it meets the vertical seat back. This area was quite wet but the main part of the seat was dry. At the same time I have noticed water in the floor of the back of the boot up close to where it meets the back seat. The rest of the boot is dry. Today I pulled the rear seat cushion forward to expose the underside which was quite wet. On either side of the underside is a loosly fitting plastic blank. I prised each blank off and could see a hole below about the diameter of a one pence piece leading to the outside. Is it likely that water could be entering up through these loosely fitting blanks. If so would it solve the problem by sealing them with silicone. Someone suggested to me that it could be a leak from the rear screen wash but I am not sure about that. As the rear seat in this car is rarely used it is possible that this is a long standing problem. I have recently used this car a lot during the wet and snowy weather that we have had. Any ideas please. Dave
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Dave68 :)