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  1. Mk2 Glove Box Wont Shut

    Hi, My glove box lid wont shut. It doesnt seem to catch anything so just falls open straight away. Whats the best thing to do.? Easy to fix the lock? Or get a new lid? Im part exchanging the car at the weekend so dont want to spend a lot. Thanks
  2. Undertray And Insulation

    Great, ok thankyou, i may look at purchasing it, ill just keep and eye on the temp gauge. Are they undertrays easy to fit ?? is it just a case of attaching it with the popper clips round the bumpers and wings? Thanks
  3. Undertray And Insulation

    Would i have an issues fitting one to a petrol?? Overheating or anything? Im just thinking there must have been a reason why its only deisels that are mainly fitted with them Thanks
  4. Undertray And Insulation

    No, ford didnt put this in my vehicle so its just the bonnet. I have found one at a breakers that want £20 for it. Does this make much difference at all ?
  5. Hello, I have a MK2 Ford Focus Zetec and the engine noise is not overly loud, but id like to quieten it down a bit. Ive changed oil, sparkplugs etc to see if it had anything to do with this, also tried injector cleaners etc. Still the same Ive heard that Zetecs just have this noise even on the newer vehicles....... or im just being picky. Ive heard of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-MK2-C-Max-Volvo-C30-S40-V50-Under-Engine-Cover-Undertray-/321196792019?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3AFord%7CModel%3AFocus%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+II&hash=item4ac8d218d3#ht_2992wt_1262 Does anyone have any advice on these?. Do they quieten down the sound of the engine from inside and outside of the vehicle? I was also looking at this for lining my bonnet with as well http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAR-VAN-VEHICLE-SOUND-DEADENING-PROOFING-PADS-SHEETS-/220509778409#ht_801wt_1024 Would lining my boot with this be safe? If anyone can suggest any other products instead of the ones ive listed, please do :)
  6. Car Wont Start After Putting Spark Plugs In

    ok thanks. Im going to give them a try. Ive had to move my vehicle a couple of miles this morning, would this have caused much damage? If does cause further damage to the catalyst, how would i know ? Thanks
  7. Car Wont Start After Putting Spark Plugs In

    Hello. Thanks for the response. Am i ok to move the car a few miles to the nearest place so i can get the bits for the vehicle Is this going to cause many issues ? Should i just replace the plugs, leads and coil pack I understand the leads are just take off and replace and the coil pack has a few screws that need removing and just need to reseat the new one? Any help please. Many thanks
  8. Car Wont Start After Putting Spark Plugs In

    Yeah all placed correct.
  9. Car Wont Start After Putting Spark Plugs In

    Thanks for the responses. Im guessing something else has gone as its misfiring constantly and the engine light is displaying. I should just be able to make it to a garage hopefully. Hmm i hope its something else and not something ive done myself. Whats the worst case? new coil? new cables?
  10. Car Wont Start After Putting Spark Plugs In

    Everything is tight that i removed. Tried reversing to go somewhere and it just almost cuts out completely
  11. Car Wont Start After Putting Spark Plugs In

    thanks for the suggestions. I put the original ones back in and the car wouldnt start I tightened the spark plugs up a bit more as they were only hand tight first of all...... The car now starts... but... its got a very rough idle and when i rev the engine it feels very stuttery ??? any ideas? thanks
  12. Hi im new with stuff like this Today i thought id give a go at changing the spark plugs as they havent been in 2 years. I brought some NGK ones. All ive done is taken the old ones out and placed the new ones in, as ive been advised. Now my car wont start <_< Is there something ive missed. By the way all i did was place the new spark plugs straight in the vehicle out of the box. Anyone help? thanks
  13. How To Remove Mk2 2005 Door Card

    Hello, i have an annoying squeak/rattle coming from the passenger door. If someone puts there foot on the speaker cover, it stops. Can anyone explain briefly how to remove the door card so i can access the speaker area to have a look. im hoping its just a loose clip any advice? thanks
  14. Would This Bumper Fit A Mk2?

    No problem. Ah well thought i found what id been looking for then :( Can i straight swap my bumper for any others ? Or is it not possible? Thanks
  15. Would This Bumper Fit A Mk2?

    Thanks Its in my colour aswell which would save me a lot of money. Shame its bidding and has 6 days on it left, ill just have to keep an eye and hope not many people are looking for it :P