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  1. Been fine, Thank you. Got a new diags cable, like the one you've got. Have to start looking at the rest of the little niggles I've got now :)
  2. I think the tank is 1+1/2 Ltrs. The fluid came in a litre bottle and I spilt a little.
  3. The error codes in the FACM ( Fuel Additive Control Module ) clear OK but on re-reading they appear again.
  4. The Power Control Module is showing clear of error codes,
  5. This will undoubtedly be a familiar topic, which I have myself come across however I'm hoping to resolve an issue or two along the way at, hopefully, short notice. The additive in my 1.6 TDCi had run out. Giving me error codes - P1927 : Fuel Additive level too low/empty P1932 : Fuel Additive low level The "Engine System Fault" message on the dashboard after a few moments running was the initial indication of a problem. I've now added approx. 3/4Ltr of additive to the tank (which is situated at the back of the fuel tank) but I am unable to clear the codes. I have a "Ford-VCM-OBD" interface and software (Bought from the web) which allegedly clears the codes and re-reads them, however I cannot seem to clear the codes and the dashboard message. Previously, when the code first appeared I was able to clear it, for a few days. I've tried the "Fuel flap" method, of which there is much talk ( difficult to find on the forums ) but that hasn't done the trick either. Check the status of the flap sensor, that's working fine. So: Has anyone got experience of the software I'm using ? Am I doing something wrong ? How reliable if the Fuel Flap method, Am I missing something?
  6. The engine is indeed of [partly] Peugeot design. I'm led to believe that Ford took it and added the gas circulation which causes so many issues. The oil pick up, down in the sump, will possibly need replacing or the new turbo will just go west in a cloud of smoke.
  7. Whilst I appreciate that you may get an answer from this thread as to what is causing the problem, can I suggest you just get this in a garage before there's a total failure which results in an injury or death. You're talking about the braking system here. Not worth waiting around for.
  8. Welcome, Kirsty2503, to the world of the 1.6TDCi. Firstly, some of the MOT regulations have changed already (16 Feb 2014 ) so having the DPF gutted will, if detected, fail your MOT. When mine was "fixed" the regulation hadn't been changed but I got the heads up from my MOT station when I had the car MOT'd last year ( 6 days before the rule change came into force ). I guess the advice here is "don't mention it to the MOT station and see if they find it." Stricter emissions testing is on it's way. DPFs are a quarter of the price they were when mine was done so I'm looking to reinstall before next MOT. Because the engine recirculates exhaust gases, to preheat the mixture at start up and to improve emissions, Any soot from the combustion process, gets recirculated too. This gets in the oil. The Turbo uses the main oil as a lubricant. This is picked up from the sump [bottom of the engine] by the a pick up feeder tube which has a filter in the end of it. This filter gets clogged up by the soot in the oil. As TomsFocus points out this must be cleaned or the Turbo will be starved of the oil, which is where the Turbo Failure comes from. The general consensus of opinion is to fit a blanking plate between the EGR valve and the engine block, to prevent these exhaust gases going back around. The oil is then kept cleaner for longer. The plates are very cheap, from Ebay, and fitting takes 10 mins.
  9. The sticking EGR valve is common on the 1.6TDCI and the usual fix is, as Landy39 suggests, to fit a blanking plate. They're cheap and readily available on Ebay. Get the stainless steel ones as they are better quality. A trader in Poland does them and ships them very quickly. Took me 10 mins to fit mine. If you've had sticky EGR syndrome then you may need the manifold cleaning out too. Has the DPF been done on your vehicle ? Just wondering whether the black cloud is soot ?
  10. At least you have a friendly mechanic to advise you, always useful. I thought(hoped) that a dpf would filter out the white smoke. Mine does not have the guts in the dpf, just the can, having had it removed a couple of years ago. I'm looking to fit a new one before it's MOT next year. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  11. It's a 1.6 TDCi Ford Focus Zetec 57plate 5 Door and it needs a wash. Think I'll do it now :)
  12. Just been having a look around my car. I tipped up the back seats and had a look under the carpets hidden there beneath. Lo-and-behold there's a small black box of electronics under the offside rear seat, with a number of cables to and fro under there as well. What have I found and what does it do ?
  13. When the DPF was removed from my 1.6TDCi it was done for financial reasons, namely the cost of the DPF replacement. Costs appear to have come down significantly in between times so fitting a new one is far more realistic for me. This may reduce the number of people who "have" to go down the delete route. My car has just crept in under the bar with this regulation, this year. I now know that before it's next test I shall need to have a new device fitted, if only for peace of mind. For the sake of future readers can anyone provide links to suppliers of DPFs and or Catalysts for the Ford range (other than Ford themselves :P
  14. Thanks Stevegtuk. "On 16 February 2014 Section 7.1 of the inspection manual will be amended to include a check for the presence of catalysts and particulate filters on diesel powered vehicles. Any vehicle where a catalytic converter or particulate filter is missing where one was fitted as standard will fail the test. " This doesn't specify the contents of the DPF ( mine has had the guts removed and the original case refitted ) so maybe it hasn't actually changed anything in real terms.