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  1. Having dramas. The leds turn on but the remote doesn't work. Tried changing the battery to no avail. Any ideas anyone?
  2. just replaced my front bumber and slam panel. that was fun...

  3. you have officially raped my mind :p thank you kindly for the detailed information.hopefully everything will arrive in the morning so i can have a go at it. although im not going to solder, not my forte. i have ambient lighting fitted already, i was rather hoping to tap into that?
  4. oh fair one. blue will look sweet. its going to be like an optical ocean :p
  5. that looks ace mate. how did you do the cup holder lighting?
  6. that is an excellent job tunnel. it looks fantastic (as i am sure you are aware) i take my hat off to you sir. just ordered some of these :) quick question however, do they work with the auto function of the lights? where did you run the wiring from too? many thanks :)
  7. Asian Grill

    that sir, looks marvellous. bravo. reference the grill with chrome do you still have the pictures? i have a chrome insert, and looking at getting an asian grill... many thanks.
  8. 2010 Headunit Question

    yeah i like that feature, but i also have twitter updates to my phone and it can get a bit annoying on a long drive :P regarding the 620, wouldn't you need the sim in it for nokia drive to work? just a thought? alternatively, does it have a mass storage mode via usb? failing that maybe just use a 64gb usb stick or adapter for the memory card you already have and whack it in the usb slot?
  9. Photo Location Game

    next challenge: a shot of your car under some goal posts, rugby/football ^_^
  10. 2010 Headunit Question

    i know my HU won't let me have my ipod through BT as well as my phone, it picks one or the other :( what is your audio device? can you not use the usb/aux slot?
  11. Photo Location Game

    does this count?
  12. hello all, i am new to foc although i have had my fiesta for 2 years now. i look forward to participating in the forum and hope i can share as well as learn. Dan
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Dan829 :)

    1. Dan829


      thanks steve. =]