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  1. Radios

    Is the ford focus sony radio the same radio that is in the fiesta st? If so does it fit into a fiesta mk 6 1.4 zetec
  2. Front And Rear Ford Badges

    cool will give it a go thanks for the help :)
  3. Front And Rear Ford Badges

    Is the front one stuck on with that stuff too and will a heat gun help to you think ?
  4. Front And Rear Ford Badges

    I have a fiesta mk 6 and was wondering how to get the front and rear badges off because they are both corroded and want some new ones could anyone tell me how to get them off Thanks :)
  5. Fiesta St Center Caps

    hi have recently bought some fiesta st wheels that are black and one of the center caps has gone missing and was just wondering if anyone has found a way to secure them into place to stop people either pinching them or them coming off ?
  6. hi just wondering who knows what the best type of sports/race exhaust systems are the best for a 1.4 mk6 fiesta just dont know which one would be best :/
  7. Coil Overs

    I really dont have a clue when it comes to coil overs but i just want to ask for some advice i have a mk 6 fiesta and was just woundering what i should be looking for when it comes to which ones will fit my car ?
  8. K&n Filters

    I have been told to get a cone one because along with a new back box will make it sound even better the engine noise that is :)
  9. K&n Filters

    i just got a ford fiesta 1.4 for my first car and i love it. i have always wanted a K&N filter and i have seen some videos on youtube and seen that the filter was at the back of the engine and was wondering if it was a bad place to put it because wont it not suck up all the hot air in the engine bay ?????
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums m1ckyb33 :)

    1. m1ckyb33


      thanks how do you ask questions on here