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  1. You have been very helpful, I am going to ring a local mechanic, let them drive it to hear the noise and see what they make of it as well. I'll keep you posted on this thread, tell you what the problem was!! B)
  2. I think it would be best as you say; more than likely i'll have to do the other side aswell as a precaution, when you say arm (this may sound stupid) but is that the whole driveshaft up to the wheel?
  3. Well it is only the driver side, so I doubt I'll need to get both sides done, unless you would advice that? The tracking is also slightly out at them moment, that was suspect to me also.
  4. Yes that's a possibility, but would you find that temperamental? CV joints are usually a consistent issue but this problem doesn't affect the steering (when i turn the wheel or leave it straight), but i can feel it through the brake pedal only and it's loud only and after a spell of motorway driving.
  5. Thanks you've been very helpful, if it is the bushes or the joints, are they expensive to replace (product and labour)?
  6. thanks, glad to be part of the ford society! I suspected firstly it may be just a knackered joint in the driveshaft. But it sounds more like the wheel end, but my experience with cars doesn't go anywhere near this part of the vehicle. I wouldn't know where to begin, it being a temperamental/motion issue it really makes it hard to locate the problem unless you know what worn or bent parts look like, which I don't! All parts you just listed are in that general area but looking through other sites people say the knocking noise is probably the lower arm bushes. Just seems if any of the parts go that are listed it seems to result in a knocking noise either way!! Would it be best to get it on ramps and just have a look around see if anything looks mishaped? Or take it to a mechanic? It's only done 20k miles but I'm thinking the previous owner has smacked the curb.
  7. Hello people (who may be able to help me!!!), I have a 57 plate ford focus 1.6 zetec (petrol). The issue is that once I have done a motorway drive (exceeding 70mph) a knocking noise occurs from the front right wheel (or that general area) which can be heard once slowing down to below 40 mph and is frequent to the speed the wheels are turning (the slower the wheels turn the slower the knocking occurs). I got it on a mechanic's ramp and had a look and even drove the wheels round in the air and the knocking noise didn't seem to happen (so i can only assume the weight of the car affected the knocking noise). Plus, when I put the car into reverse and drive back about 5 meters, a clunking noise occurs in the same area and the knocking noise dissappears. I am completely baffled by this, if anyone knows what could be causing this problem please give me some information on it as its driving me bonkers!!! Many thanks. :)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums SWatson1990 :)

    1. SWatson1990


      thanks mate, trying to learn about cars and have a ford with some problems so seems to be the perfect place to be at to get information and learn from some educated people.