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  1. New Kuga

    from me too.
  2. New Kuga

    Yeah I'm on it but like this one, it's hardly any real talk about the motors, just this that and other things. Your a very lucky man if your wife bought you such a wonderful thing. I get a 99p Burger King nugget thingy from mine.
  3. New Kuga

    Omg what a great number plate WH05 being a west ham supporter. Yours was well worth the wait. But it's all true all these months on I still smile when I get in it. And you I bet yours too, maybe not as much now, you know how all the toys work but it still good motor.
  4. New Kuga

    Well, it must be my hoist and electric chair in all the time. Cos your figures are my dreams. I get at best about 37 mpg. I use speed limiter so 30 mph around town and max I drive on motorways is 60 mph mines an auto as well, but it is six gears. Hay ho I suppose. Still love it. Still smile when I see it some seven months later. I hope to see just a bit of snow this year even a two day thing just to see how it handles. Brings the kid out in me.
  5. New Kuga

    Yeah they told me about thousand miles well I done over four thousand. But the trouble is, the cars they say get this mileage are stripped down, alternator taken off, dare connect the A/C the would shoot you. So not real world stuff. Just down right taking the wee wee. Eamon
  6. New Kuga

    As I say, it is a lovely motor, the build quality is very good. My only gripe I have is with Ford, and all the motor car companies, they lie so much about MPG they told me, I'll get 40+ the car computer is stacked as well, it tell you 38.9 to the gallon the truth is more near 30 MPG so. I went to Bristol last weekend, I got a softbox to put the cases in, that did not help, the mileage, but the car itself was great. I can't wait for some really bad the vids I've seen on YouTube, going through the snow and ice, looked good, so all in all, it good in all conditionds... Your love it, you really will, you'll have very little to complain about if anything.;)
  7. New Kuga

    I would been off by now, even if they said to me, we give you £1000 back for all the delays. You truly a better man then I, for sure. It is a nice car, but ford and the dealers are some of the worse for customer service, but we forgive them because they seem to bumble though, and a little sad. It would feel as though you would be kicking them as they were downthat's all I can think of, had this for years with different dealers. Sorry Eamon, but hat the truth, you do get some good ones I'm sure, just never came across then as yet....£ 20,000 odd pounds and treat us like this
  8. Cars That Men Just Shouldn't Drive

    Any six three and over getting out of a small car, just looks wrong! On all levels One long leg out, then some movement, then another leg out and some more movement....hey presto, out pops a male.... As seen on A13/M25 yesterday police was looking up, I'm sure they moved him on pretty sharpish or they would have been off sick with stiff necks.
  9. Don't Get Done, Get Dom

    I saw it, basically, she wanted shot of the car, big Dave sort of right, because they would have had to pay three grand upfront for the up grade, which they where not prepared to do. All in all, just a T.V show getting what they know will happen anyways, it's just TV......stuff.
  10. Ciggy Light

    You better believe it, but in saying that, the light that can be bought on here has no sprung sides, which is very silly design when it's supposed to in the power point. Never mind. Cheers Clive
  11. Ciggy Light

    Thanks for the heads up on the plug thing James, that could well be the answer, but why make things for vehicles that don't work. Clive, not sure that would work, would it, cos it uses the mettle side to earth out, but am no auto electrician so I suppose that might work. But that the problem, it's way to small for the sockets, did not break the bank for it £4.99 I think, but just thought what a good idea, leave it in he back, as the Kuga only has one light at the right side, so thought this would be a good option leave it charging, and at hand when you need it. Found out you cannot leave it on charge, so blows that outa the water some what old bean. Thanks for your replies to my very small conundrum, so the silly git part might not be me after all, oh well small mercies.
  12. Ciggy Light

    Yeah, it just seems the power sockets back and middle seats, are fine, it's the light it supposed to go in a power socket, the front being a cigarette lighter, maybe that's the different s, the light itself has no spring at the sides, if you think what goes in them like satnav/ phone charger, there plugs have a side spring, I have bought a two gang plug for the front, but I use them for my video cam and satnav for traffic updates, believe me you need to, where I live. M25/Thurrock/Dartford crossing area.
  13. Ciggy Light

    No the light dose not have springs on the side to hold them in place, but the front one, has a much tighter hold. It only works on one out of three power points. Cheers James.
  14. Let's See Your Keys.

    Mines needs no adornments just simple. Just like me:(
  15. Ciggy Light

    Yes I bought this light that sits in the power point/ cigarette lighter, I thought this will be good in the boot of my kuga can sit on charge out the way. No, it falls out the power point in the boot and back seat p/point but works in the the front one, now if this has already been discussed, just forgive an oldish man for this. But the same thing is being touted on this shop too, that's what made me buy it, I'm hoping that someone will say " silly old git" this is what you need to do, but the instructions also say you can't leave it on charge, so now have something else moving around the car, also bought the Rodney on here that's great, love the name I chuckle everytime I use it.