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  1. It can't be done like that. I need module reprogramming. Only IDS is capable of that. I was hopping that civil will make ELMConfig capable of module reprogramming on bluetooth/voice module, but nothing so far... Some late modules (CS7T-....) are capable of switching languages without reprogramming. Yes, that's what it does.
  2. Well, none of them was ticked "as-built" as I remember. Maybe ESP misbuilt detection, I don't think . Water in fuel - is for 1,6tdci that has diesel filter with this senzor, I guess I have :D No error since activation. Fuel cap sensor - I know is for DPF engine's, and I guess it will light up if i Drive the car with the fuel cap left open. I guess. No error since activation (maybe I'll try this function some day) Focus RS - no change. probably I ticked when I was trying to make "Eco-Mode" to work...before instructions for ROM update appeared. "Voice control" - I see now that is not ticked, what is for?. I have bluetooth module with voice controls (german unfortunately, and without IDS I don't think I have any chance to change it in English)
  3. It was a driver problem, switching between 2007 and 2008 versions and back +restart solved the problem. > i.imgur.com Regarding PTC (car has PTC): - if I enable PTC (status report only) from HEC page 1, I get a message on display saying PTC on or off, depending of PTC's status. - also, the message comes with "info" led on, and it is shown in the "message" section of the cluster. 1. If I don't enable it in HEC, it will continue working (I guess it will, because it didn't had this option ticked and VIN decoding says it has PTC)? 2. Is there other option to see if PTC is working or not, not as a message shown always on display, perhaps as a submenu?
  4. @ Memorex : you can do that with ForScan last version with ELM327. Civil-zz said that it could be a driver problem...altough I used the same driver like before. Problems started after Windows 7 64 bit reinstall, before it worked. Without runtimepack it wouldn't start, it is there. COM port was COM3, now I changed to COM2, same behaviour. I think I need another driver or another laptop...but this one had a very good battery.
  5. so, there is this possibility to have wires but no pin inside. thank you for the link, I will use it when I get my ELMConfig working again...I keep getting "Error reading COM device". ForScan or other software works with my ELM327, even ELMConfig worked before.. in ELMConfig you just read module and you will have thicked all your default car configuration. After that you can make modification as you like, depending on what your car support. AS BUILT is needed when you have problems and you want to go back to default configuration and you don't know it. As an advice, be sure to save each page from ELMConfig read from the car on your laptop prior doing any modification.
  6. Hello again guys! I'm having a problem with my ELM327 and I cannot manage to find out why. I posted on the russian forum, but no answer yet: http://ffclub.ru/topic/302511/go_post/15014740/ Can you help me? Could I need a hard reset of the ELM? All other programs are working fine, only ELMConfig is not working. Thank you. Also, few months ago, when I tried to enable the alarm, it said on the screen "open hood" or something like that. The car it's a Titanium. I checked the wiring, I have wires to the front hood lock, is it possible to have the wires going to the lock but the lock not to have pins inside? Can I check this without taking out from the car de lock? PS: on civil's ftp there is a incode-outcode calculator, in the folder called "New Folder", maybe it is a free program for this. Anyone knows something about this? Too bad that he didn't made possible to program key's with ELMConfig.
  7. I think it is done like this: - BCM(body in this case) procedures "Read CCC (central configuration) from BCM" - then Central Configuration , change what you need - BCM - Procedures - " Write to BCM" Is that correct?
  8. I have modified the ELM, everything works great, first saved all the initial configuration files. 1) If I got it right, for ECO Shift UP/ ECO Mode I need upgrading the ROM to 0509? No change for me untill now, my HEC is 04xx version 2) And what are the Focus RS info? I thicked that box, but I do not notice any change. 3) And I want to disable the sound when outside temperature is under 4 °C (39.2 °F), it drive's me crazy when the temperature is just that level with slight increase/decrease, it rings again and again...so I must untick from ELMconfig " HEC Page 3 Low outside air temperature" 4) Voice Control in HEC Page 1 - what it does? Because I allready have voice control over bluetooth module, and default setting is unticked. 5) in FDS i have noticed that under HEC you get the transponder keys. I have 2 keys, shown there. Could I use this feature to programm a new key to a car? I don't know if when I buy a new key I get the transponder code also in written.
  9. Look's like my problem was the drivers. So keep trying if you have similar problems, change drivers untill it works. After installing different drivers it worked. Now i will modify ELM.
  10. I'm back with my problems. I tried using different COMM. Same result. When using EasyOBDII, ScanMaster, etc..it reads the car parameters, real time. SO: 1. Using ELMConfig - I still get the same error - Run-time error '8020':Error reading comm device 2. Using ELMFF2: - I tried Russian and English versions - same result: Translated with Google into: Open port COM1 * Reading the configuration of the module IPC (instrument panel) > ATZ <Error reading ! Wrong answer adapter 3. Using FDS: - it connects to the vehicle - when I press "Read VIN from car" I get errorfigu - when I pres Read Current Configuration i get the car's configuration, like in picture - it download's ASBuilt from web, no problem there - when I thick something, like Radio, or VoiceControl, or Reverse warning, anything, I get: "Download the HEC data from the vehicle first". I do not have other FF2 to try. I don't know if it si something wrong with the : - computer (maybe comm port?? Win7 64bit. ) - car (few weeks ago I used IDS and it worked ok!) - or ELM? I could try to change the ELM, I haven't modified it yet. But I have to decide this days, I cannot wait too long. Any ideea? Thanks.
  11. Ok, I will try to use com 5,6 or other. I wanted to be sure it is working before I modify the elm. So the ELM-FF2 only works with modification on the cable? I have read it works, but not all options.
  12. Hy guys. I'm not from Uk, so please forgive my english. In my country we have a FordClub, with upgrades and tehnical stuff, but this topic is really interesting. I want to thank you all for your effort. After reading all this pages, i bought an elm327, cheap one. After half a day work, I managed to install on Win7 64bit. It now connect to my car when using some programs included in the box. But when i try to connect using ELMConfig, latest version from Civill, I get this error: Any ideea? have allready changed port speed, between 9.600 and 38.400, no chance. Also, i used comm 3, comm 2, comm 31...the same error. When I use ELM-FF2, when i press the button translated to "Read car info", I get a popp-up (i only understandt HCAN there) after that nothing...in the black screen something that I don't underdstand, and no chance to thick something on/off, everything remains faded..
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums ovideatza :)