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  1. Boot Stuck Shut!

    Thanks for that, much appreciated! And I can wait yeah, saying that me and my brother don't need much of an excuse to set off on a road trip lol and I work weekends. We'll sort something out :)
  2. Boot Stuck Shut!

    Couldn't do it yesterday because of the rain but the boot lock is now installed and working perfectly :) I did have to snap off quite a large section of trim as expected. And had to break into the old lock to flick the release switch inside as it was obviously stuck in the locked position :/ I'm definitely going to need a new boot trim if the offer still stands Neil? :) Cheshire is it you're from?
  3. Boot Stuck Shut!

    Cheers mate! Very much appreciated :) should be doing it tomorrow if the lock arrives?
  4. Boot Stuck Shut!

    Yeah I've had nearly all the panels off at some stage from when I fitted my reverse camera and I remember those T25 screws. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a snap it off job so if you have one that would be a god send thank you! 😊 Just let me know how much you want for it.
  5. Boot Stuck Shut!

    Cheers fella's. Hopefully I can get the panel off without breaking it? Once it's off it should be a piece of cake. I need to get at it though and if the panel does snap I'm sure a trip down the scrapyard will solve that :)
  6. Boot Stuck Shut!

    Didn't work for me but cheers for the suggestion
  7. Boot Stuck Shut!

    I recently posted about my faulty boot lock which has been making some odd noises and only working intermittently. Well it's finally given up, you can hear it trying to work and a loud grinding/clicking noise but it's as though it isn't quite catching the locking mechanism. I need to remove it in order to fit a new one but the boot is closed and locked, meaning I can't get to the 3 release bolts. Does anyone know another way into the lock? I'll just have to snap the trim off if it comes down to it and find another from somewhere I guess.
  8. Boot Locking Mechanism :(

    Thanks for the replies! Get that ordered and fitted soon then :)
  9. Boot Locking Mechanism :(

    Hi all. Recently my boot locking mechanism started making a terrible noise when using the remote fob or the touch button on the boot, and its finally given up opening all together. I've taken it out and it needs replacing with the item below. I was just wondering if it would need activating by Ford before it would work with my remote key fob? Oh and it's a Mk2.5 2008 Focus if that has any bearing? Thanks in advance http://bit.ly/1f2y1Ya
  10. Wind Deflector Clips

    I have Heko's on all four windows with no clips and they haven't fallen off since i fitted them around 3 months back?
  11. Hid Upgrade??

    That's cleared that up then :( should have checked that first I guess
  12. Hid Upgrade??

    I've been doing a few different upgrades and modifications to the car and most recently have been looking at HID kits on the Internet. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of fitting/using a HID upgrade kit and how much I should be looking at paying for one? Oh and its an 08 plate focus Zetec mk2.5
  13. Hey, I've been looking at these also, some kits come with all the adapters and wires etc, I don't know if yours did? But on my mk2.5 I'm going to fit it where the cigarette lighter goes because its a perfect fit apparently :) and yeah, you can use the push button or the key.
  14. Air Vent Trims!

    Cheers! Ill get on it tomorrow and see if i can get them out, I'll post some pics if my vinyl ever turns up!
  15. Air Vent Trims!

    Hi all, does anyone know how to remove the little plastic silver surrounds from the air vents? There are 4 in total and I need to remove them as I'm looking to wrap them in black. The car is an 08 reg focus Zetec (facelift) Thanks in advance! If left to my own devices i'd end up snapping them :/