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  1. Issues With Pc99-X50

    Awesome thanks for your help, like I said I thought I was just being a little bit dim and making a silly mistake! They are such a close fit though which is what really bugs me but there we go! Thanks :D
  2. Issues With Pc99-X50

    Hi all First post and a bit clueless when it comes to cars! I picked up a new stereo for my mark 1 focus, I have managed to install it all ok and it works great! The problem comes when trying to use the steering wheel stalk to control some functions. I have ordered the correct cable (pc99-x50) with the correct patch lead for my new stereo (Sony) When trying to connect to ISO leads into the pc99-x50 there just seems to be no way it will fit, the pins do not line up into the socket and they seem to be the wrong size. Any help is welcome as it seems like I am making a complete amateur mistake here somewhere Sorry for the rather rubbish pictures below: ISO cable that needs to connect to pc99-x50: pc99-x50 that needs to accept connection from previous image: The remote control lead that needs to plug into the white part of the pc99-x50 (unless someone can correct me??): Horribly bad pic of me trying to connect the two: Thanks Owen
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Owen256 :)