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  1. Right i shall start from the beginning. Had issues a while back which related to a glow plug as it wouldnt start. Still had issues with it starting immeiately but as the manual states to allow 30 seconds cranking to start the car in cold weather i put it down to the horrible cold we have had for a while. Had to replace the battery 2 weeks ago as it completely died. Been working "ok" since then apart from being hard to start. Randomly the other day it took 3 attempts to start (like normal lately) but when it finally starter i had no radio. Just a dead display and it wouldnt respond like a fuse had gone. Went out this morning and very slow starting and wouldnt fire. Gave up, got a lift to work and came home to a dead battery. Lights come on, headlights are going on full. As soon as i turn the key the lights go very dim and nothing. No clicks, nothing. Every minute i hear a random click from the engine compartment fuse box as if something is trying to start or something? Key not in ignition, just the bonnet is open. Could this mysterious relay/fuse be whats causing my battery drain and horrible start? Please help me im so frustrated
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums spankywade :)