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  1. Bulbs Mk4

    Hi, I have a ghia mk4 fiesta my problem is my interior light has blown and can not find a replacement I am just wondering if anyone could help its the small side lights to the interior light its says 12v 6w bulb but i cant seem to find a replacement one????
  2. Maf Sensor

    I had a look in my engine and my maf sensor has two lots of wires coming from it but one is not connected to anything and the other is connected directly to my maf does anyone know where the other wire should go???,
  3. K&n Air Filter

    Haha I don't know where you have been looking for MAF sensors because there about 20-40 quid.
  4. K&n Air Filter

    Is there anyway of sorting this as there would be no point in k&n filters that can fit my car as I producted searched for my car???
  5. K&n Air Filter

    Hi I am just wondering if anyone can help me. I fitted a K&N cone filter on to my air intake senser and for some reason its not idling properly???
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums willpalmer91 :)