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  1. Newbeee

    Hi Dan I have a 1.6 sport van with some great mod ideas but limited funding. Keep us posted on ur updates A great mod is the rs look duel exit exhaust approx 1000
  2. Hi need some advise/info on where and how I can upgrade my dashboard on my fiesta with either a suede or nubeck material. Is self adehisive advisable and if so where's the best place to either buy to DIY or get it done. I live in Essex if that helps. Pleeeeaaase help desperate to get that rally car style look on me dashboard.
  3. has just popped over to dmb graphics and bought me some gel badge overlays....

  4. Fuel Leaking When Filling Up!!

    Had a similar prob with my 1.6 tdci fes. Kept leaking fuel after I filled it up. Turned out there was a problem with the auto shut off in the fuel filler neck which fords replaced under warrenty. Kept leaving stains around the fuel filler cap due to a airlock in the fuel filler neck itself. Get it checked
  5. drl's have arrived.... tomorrow im gunna get busy

  6. Newbie

    Many thanks both of you. Looking forward to posting a few more pics soon
  7. New

    Very Nice!!!
  8. Newbie

    Fair play. Keep us updated
  9. Newbie

    It's the dreams that keep you alive so enjoy the envy (and Ur 1.3 fes) I know I'm going to be stuck with my van for a while before my dreams a reality lol.
  10. Newbie

    Know what you mean. My dads had all 3 rs focus's and I got to drive them all and fell in love. My hopes one day are for a escort cossie (boyhood dream car) but we all know how much a mint one of them bad boys are.
  11. Hi All Newbie Here From Somerset

    Hi Scott I'm also a newbie Welcome and enjoy!
  12. Newbie

    SO TRUE!! But if you have the love and Passion for a fast Ford like I do its gotta be worth every penny!!
  13. Newbie

    That's what drew me to it at first (the looks) after driving it about for a few months i made it my mission to improve the already lovable driving style. have some great ideas for it but they come with a great price range so gotta start saving.
  14. Newbie

    Lol. Yeah bought the van for work initially but now have a company van so going to turn it into my project motor.
  15. Newbie

    Cheers Dan Shame I can't spell though (foc forum not DOC FORUM lol)