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  1. Hi, Yup after a bit of investigation I have found that the motors in the xenons are 2 phase stepper motors which explains the 4 wires and the motors in the Halogens are servo motors so only 3 wires. So as my car doesn't have the wiring for the stepper motors then its either make a driving circuit board to run the stepper motors or get some manual type servo motors and fit them into the xenon headlights. So Haz do you have a set of manual motors for sale?? Geo.
  2. Hi, Im having ago at fitting Xenon headlights to my Focus CC. Iv'e got the Xenon lamps to light and Im now trying to work out what I need to do to make the leveling motors to work. Does anyone know what signals/voltages the motors need to function and what pins on the headlamp connector they are feed into? With a bit of elimination I think pin 7 is (-ve) ground, pin 10 is (+ve) 12v but I can't work out what the other two pins, pins 5 & 9 require. Strangely I found that pin 5 is low resistance (0.6 ohms) to pin 7 and pin 9 is low resistance (0.6 ohms) to pin 10?? On the halogen headlamps pin 7 is -ve, pin 9 is the signal (0.6v to 12v) from the thumb wheel dash adjuster and the +ve for the motor comes from pin 2 inside the headlamp. If I can find out what the motors need to move then it should be possible to make a circuit to do it manually. Any help would be greatfully received. Geo.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Geo2009 :)