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  1. Hi guys, hope you're well. As above, really struggling to find a test procedure for this? I'm presuming it involves measuring resistance with engine on at various points (straight ahead, full lock etc) And I also can't find any expected resistance values. I measured the resistance with engine off and wheels straight ahead... got 1.1 ohms (minus the 0.5 ohms in my leads)... 0.6 ohms doesn't sound right? Any help you could furnish me with would be wonderful! Cheers. Steve.
  2. Thanks Nighthawk. how would any valve gaskets (like the stem seal) leak oil in to the plug wells though? as the spark plug seals oil coming up and the rocker cover gasket stops it seeping from where the cams live... im thinking it has to be the rocker cover gasket
  3. .....so are we saying that its the valve cover / rocker cover gasket? :)
  4. Sorry mate, was pretty drunk last night so explaining things not good lol I pulled out the ht lead and it was dry.... but pulled out the spark plug and it was smothered in oil. I looked down the well and there was a bit of oil but not loads (like ive seen on many Vauxhalls) :)
  5. Hi mate, Yeah defo oil. And no blue smoke and definitely not HG as I tested with a block tester two months ago cos I'm paranoid lol They don't just leak outside... they can leak in to the spark plug wells too :)
  6. Hi guys, hope you're well. Well, did a service on my ma's ConFusion today. Got to the spark plugs and everyone was fine except no. 4. Took the plug out and it was covered in oil. Weirdly the hole wasn't filled with oil and the HT lead boot was dry....just the plug soaked in oil. anyway I'm thinking the valve cover gasket has gone. Can anyone confirm that's correct and if not what the possible cause is. I'm thinking this was the cause for the burning smell at 90mph I was getting. I looked the whole engine over and found no oil leaks whatsoever. So would this have caused a burning smell? And ps, is an after market gasket ok or do I need to go genuine to ensure this doesn't leak in then ear future? Cheers guys :)
  7. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch

    Nice one, Tom. Any chance of some pics as I#m struggling to see how mine comes out without breaking everything :( Cheers mate
  8. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch

    Yeah I found them (on the side facing away from you). I am thinking a bit of prying may work. ill post up results
  9. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch

    Thanks Stoney. that looks identical to my mum;s. I had thought about just removing the return springs and making it an ''unlatchable'' cubby hole. cheap skate way of doing it but its better than having it constantly opened lol Do we know if the inner tray can be prised out? or does it realy need the whole dash to come out? :)
  10. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch

    Guys, I have a similar problem. The latch on the inner part has broken. I'm going to remove it.... has the heater panel/upper dash really got to come out? :(
  11. How Do You Set The Clock On A 2003 Fusion 2

    Have you got a ''Menu'' button? If so click menu button until you get to ''Clock''. Then I think you use volume knob to adjust to correct time.
  12. Fusion "in-Car" Entertainment!

    Looks nooooice! ;)
  13. Fusion Fumes In Car & Tapping Noise.

    OP still hasn't confirmed what the smell smells like. Are we talking the 'o' rings on the injector ends that are bad? This a common problem on here? :)
  14. Posting Pics...

    Nice one mate. I eventually solved my problem by adding photos as attachments. :)
  15. Centre Panel

    Ok, here goes ;) Disclaimers: Firstly, I've never done this myself; I'm just quoting from the Haynes Destruction manual so bear with me... Secondly, the manual states that there's two different procedures: one for models pre and post October 2005 and as it says your car's a 54 plate I'm going on the ''pre'' version so hope that's right :) To get the radio out you have to remove the heater control panel first (which I think is what you're struggling with looking at your comments) You have to: Open drivers' storage compartment and remove 2 screws at the topRemove drivers' lower facia panel under steering column (3 screws securing at the bottom then 'pull' to release it)Remove two screws below the heater panelRemove upper storage tray to access two screws....remove themPrise out four switches on side of panel disconnecting plugsDisconnect temperature control cable (in drivers' foot well reach up at the side of the heater box....Haynes have kindly provided one very poor photo of its location and position....sorry I cant offer any more on that front)Pull heater control panel away releasing two clips at the top...won't yet come all the way....Disconnect air distribution cable (which I think you've done....blue twirly thing lol)Withdraw panel a bit more.....Disconnect all wiring plugs from the back of the panelWithdraw panel fully feeding the temp. cable throughTo then remove the radio remove 4 screws (top 2 and bottom 2) securing the radio in place and withdraw/disconnect wiring. Reading your post back and comparing with the procedure above I'm thinking (hopefully) it's just the drivers' facia panel/s that will get you where you need to be. Hope this helps :) Steve.