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  1. So I bought myself a 2001 Mk5, 64,000 (now 65,000) and there are a few issues. Apart from very little history, the fuel gauge didn't/doesn't work (it went to half after 70 odd miles but did 300 before costing £50 to re fill) yet i've just done 100 miles and it's hit a quarter. Could it fix itself? or once it's broke once, is that it? I'll start with that for now then go onto the door light, something rattling under the bonet, flashing headlight not working and the bite point moving
  2. 2001 Mk5 Fiesta (Chance For A Few Laughs I'm Guessing)

    Yeah I have seen a lot around I guess I'm just unlucky. It turns out the fuel gauge is fine up until the half way mark then it won't go any further. And with the headlights I can't flash them unless I put the stick forward then back to normal.