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  1. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    can it be the standard she diesel
  2. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    Ok so im going to try and get a garage or mobile mechanic to check the engine noise and see what they think, can anyone recommend me anyone near rosyth,fife.
  3. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    its never run dry, i just bought it last year and its just had another service. just seems noisy compared to when i got the car feels like an old taxi cab lol i think im going to sell since im unhappy driving it now, need to get it valued.
  4. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    IMG_0786.MOVAdded this attachment , the cars sounding noisy top end not sure if its all related IMG_0786.MOV
  5. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    Gave it a good boot up the !Removed!, needs a good boot to get it to go ur its not running good , almost like a rasping sensation when accelerating its hard to explain it just feels like it doesn't accelerat smooth like somethings blocked. I feel like when we got the car it was quiet and smooth but now its noisy and stutter feeling . Gave it a good booting a few times but no luck . I used a can of wynns egr cleaner , plenty black smoke but still no luck with performance .
  6. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    How much of a thrashing do I give it ? I don't want to do more damage than good :-/ Is it worth changing glow plugs and maybe cleaning throttle sensor wherever that is lol ?
  7. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    OK so ford done diagnostic and nothing showed up they seem to think my car is fine , and then they suggested it could be supermarket fuel. Anyway I'm going to change glow plugs on sat and see what happens, I can't keep driving the car like this its running like a pile of rusty nails
  8. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    If nothing shows up at ford I'll change plugs I'd I can I will try myself
  9. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    No warning lights but car feels rubbish to drive I don't understand why it would feel so good for one day after the service . I'm starting to doubt myself. Never noticed any warnings on dash I done the dash test thing an there's no dtc showing, so I can't see fords tester picking up anything , the longer the drive the worse the car feels if that narrows anything down . Is there an android app for this forum to make replying easier.
  10. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    Thanks if nothing shows at ford when they plug it in tomorrow I'll change them. I just noticed when I'm driving , driving the car if I listenrellt closely there's a bell/chime like sound ? Any ideas its reallllly faint though hope its not the engine ?
  11. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    The fuel,air,pollen,oil filter got change the plugs weren't done. I thought the glow plugs only effected the starting of the car ? That's what I got told anyway .
  12. Hi, This is my 1st post so i hope im in the correct topic section. My car was running rather sluggish and just not feeling the same as when i bought it a year ago, It doesnt feel as smooth pulling away and the engine sounds louder posiibly because i'm having to rev harder. Anyway i got a full service yesterday oil filter , fuel filter, pollen filter and air filter and when i drove away from the ford garage i was amazed at the difference it felt like a new car but after a day of running its back to feeling sluggish again, its just not the same so ive booked it into ford tomorrow for a diagnostic check. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas what could be causing it? im not sure if the diagnostic check will even pick anything up its so frustrating. I just done the self diagnostic code check on the dash board but there was no DTS fault codes.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums thunda600 :)

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