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  1. Didnt receive a notification somehow. Will check it out somewhere next week. What are the chances my car has the connector just lying there? I have cruise control factory fitted and connected the lights in the footwell ( fittings were already there). @ neps Your loom would fit into this connector? And it is underneath the cd player? Can I see it if I remove the secret hatch? Did you sort out your software problems already?
  2. And Nicklass if it fits i'm absolutely interested in the parts!
  3. Yeah pics would be great. Ill take a look in the car this weekend hopefully. Neps, what did you use to open up the top cover of the screen with the clips?
  4. I"ll take a look when I have bought the deluxe screen. Want to built that one in anyways. So I should have the connector you hold near your finger Nicklass?
  5. Thats not where I looked. So I should find a free connector underneath my radio and the loom you and Neps have click in there, radio stays the same. Extra loom goes to underneath the basket? @Neps: how hard is it to remove the radio etc to get to this?
  6. I just checked and I don't see any loose connectors near the GEM. not knowing which loom to use and where to plug it in is kinda irritating. Is it possible to hook a 2009 radio module (two connectors) with a 2009 screen to a 2011 loom ( with the one big connector)? If that is possible i am better off buying those. Any idea if it will work?
  7. Thanks for the offer but it sounds like a lot of extra work. I'd rather just buy the right BT loom for the 2011 Fiesta. If I find a fitting one I'm happy and otherwise I will wait for one to get scrapped. Hopefully they will let me take out the parts myself. Time is on my side, I currently have alternatives for USB and Bluetooth ( Griffin Autopilot and a Parrot thing I can remove)
  8. Maybe Nicklas's is different and it will fit my big connector
  9. I want to make sure it will fit, obviously. If it fits I'm happy to buy it from you for the price you paid and shipping costs ( if they are not extremely high from DK to NL).
  10. Yes Niklas I am interested. Do you have pics of the connectors?
  11. It did that for me before the recoding. Which IDS version did you use?
  12. I paid €74 for it at my dealer. They are hard to find because every car with front damage has also damaged the sensor
  13. Did you fit the temp sensor as well?
  14. It's Snow Joke!

    Those are good tyres, drove them to Austria last week.