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  1. We have had a empty battery the last few weeks if the car has been unused for more than one day. I have a problem with the radio turning itself on/off every 5th minute or so whilst driving, so I have thought that maybe its the radio that drains the power. Now I noticed when walking past the car while it was dark outside that the Converse display is on. It says "(!) Aux heater active" even though it isnt. Is this a known problem? I have tried googling to no success. I have a IDS toolbox with cable and software, is this something I could solve myself or could it be a problem with the aux.heater that makes the car think that it is on?
  2. It was locked remotely yesterday. Dont know if that does the deadlock?
  3. So, today the fiesta didnt want to respond to my remote key fob. When I insert the key into the lock and turn it, nothing happens. I took the key to the dealer to get the batteries replaced. Still doesnt work. I guess it could be dead batteries in the car aswell (even though it worked fine yesterday) But why would the physical keylock not work? 2010 Mk7
  4. So.. I lost my keys, and Im using my sparekey now. It doesnt have the remote buttons for the door locks, and I need to have two set of keys. I asked the Ford dealer, they wanted £450 for a new key. Thats robbery imo. I have IDS, and i have been looking at keys on ebay. Does anyone know how to program new keys into the immobilizer, and how to program the remote ?
  5. Squeeky Brakes

    My brakes started to make squeeky sounds earlier this summer, and it just got worse, so I replaced both disks and pads. Now they are worse. When turning left or right i get the "eeek eeek eeek eeek " sound. A firm push on the pedal or turning the steering wheel makes it go away. I also have some insane whine from the brakes when going above 120 km/h. I have allways replaced my brakes myself, and never expirenced this problem. What could this be?
  6. What Custom Front Is This

    I know the second picture is the asian grill :) The links you posted is for the mk7.5?
  7. What Custom Front Is This

    Yeah, just figured it out myself.. Shame, I`d go buy that setup straight away if it was for sale. http://wallla.deviantart.com/art/Ford-Fiesta-R-ST-144295818
  8. Saw this fiesta on instagram the other day. Can anyone here point out what type of grill/upper grill and bonnet modification this is? The stock upper grill is just about the same height as the ford badge, And the bonnet is curved above the badge. Take a look at this one: Attached one with a stock upper grill/bonnet also for comparison.
  9. Dab And Dab+ Into A Factory Fiesta Radio

    I would like more information about this. The FM broadcasts are shutting down here soon. I guess this is emulating something on the usb port? Does it mean i cannot use the USB port anymore?
  10. Fiesta Mk7 Rs Grill ... On ! ;)

    Whats the black pieces you have below the head lights? And what is that black upper grill?
  11. Fiesta Arm Rest

    I have he one from boomerang, would not buy again. Its not tight and firm, its bouncy. Also the cupholder is also loose and slides forward when i brake hard. Have heard at the one from Armster is better.
  12. Decreasing Revs

    You could go for bigger wheels.. Here in Norway we are allowed to install bigger diametre wheels up to 5% from stock. That would decrease the rpm a bit at a given speed.
  13. Timing Belt Snapping

    woha?? I asked my ford dealer when i bought my car about the TB interval. They said it was a timing-chain not belt on this, and it is rated as lifetime (10years/200.000 km) Mine has now done 95.000 km. Its the 1.6tdci engine in a 2009 model.
  14. Mk 7 Tdci Exhaust

    If you have the 95bhp, a remap will take you to 130 I guess. With bigger injectors and a turbo i guess you could push up to 150bhp. Take a look here, lots of info on tuning the DV6 PSA engines we have in our tdci fiestas. http://www.tdocuk.com/forumdisplay.php?36-Diesel-Engines-amp-Tuning
  15. Mk 7 Tdci Exhaust

    All that smoke in that video is because of an faulty remap, A proper map will not smoke, DPF or not. No point in just swapping injectors, you will get a little more fuel, but the car doesnt know that unless you get it remapped. So result will be nonoptimal fuel/air ratio, and you will smoke.