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  1. New Member Of Ford Fiesta

    i used to get from Leeds to Bridlington and more with £20.00 in Corsa but no way am i gonna do that in this!! Least i'll be able to get up the hills now :-) tunes on loud so i can't hear the annoying SQUEAK and ROAD NOISE though lol
  2. New Member Of Ford Fiesta

    some nasty people about. Mates rates nice one :-) Heat shield rip it off ha ha... i'd prob do more damage lol. The mpg in this car ain't great but i must say i drove an S reg 1.0 Corsa before the fiesta :-) lol
  3. New Member Of Ford Fiesta

    Will take a look tomorrow.. thanks. I got both front coils replaced so IF i keep the car should be good for a few years hopefully! ouch poor bumper.. will it require a new one? and lucky you with the warranty :-)
  4. New Member Of Ford Fiesta

    Hi Daniel, I bought my Fiesta Ghia 1.4 06 reg 3 months ago and i dislike the road noise and have a squeak i can't pin point. Thought the squeak was parcel shelf but no. I'm going to investigate the back passenger door tomorrow... I had a broken suspension coil 2 weeks ago, ended up costing me just over £200.00! I could go on!!
  5. Newbie here and not liking my Fiesta!!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums hels :)

    1. hels


      Hi Steve, thanks :-)