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  1. Right.. 1) EGR and Inlet manifold cleaned and blanked. 2) Filter changed for a Bosch filter 3) Camshaft sensor change Still won't start and the problems seems worse, like if left for a few hours it won't start, whereas before it would! Are glow plugs used v=even when the engine is warm?
  2. I got the codes from the injectors. Where exactly are the glow plugs? cheers guys
  3. Thanks guys for your continued help. I had a mechanic look at it when it started not starting.. he said the plugs were fine.How do I test them? There are some fuses missing next to the battery, but they always have been. I think the other fuses are under the battery? It's getting annoying now, since coding the injectors and cleaning the EGR, the car is running worse, I daren't even go into 4th as I keep getting the glowplug!!
  4. Update: Cleaned EGR valve yesterday, seems like it's stopped black smoking, but it hasn't had any effect on the starting / glow plug problem. Blanking plate has been ordered and i'm going to read up on cleaning the inlet manifold as I didn't have time to do that after work yesterday. Some other things I hadn't mentioned: The problem started when it was snowing and the car was left un-started for quite a few days, could this have damaged something? At first I could jump it off from another car's battery but that stopped working (I had the battery tested and I was told it was fine). When I turn the engine off the car really judders to a holt and the car shakes quite badly, Finally, I noticed that the fuel access hole seems quite open, there is only a piece of metal hanging down, but quite a substantial gap around it, which doesn't seem right (pic attached).
  5. Would cleaning before blanking make much difference? Also, do you think I should replace the filter witha Bosch one? Once the car has been started, it usually runs ok for the rest of the day, but sometimes it takes longer to fire when turning the key. Depressing the accelerator while cranking improves this, it feels like there is a lack of fuel getting through.. Gonna read the codes again later, see what's still lurking around.
  6. Thanks wase16ll, that's exactly the confirmation I was looking for! I rec0ded the injectors this morning and the rough idle improved instantly (although it wouldn't start on it's own straight away, but I didn't expect it to). I've been driving it around and had a few instances of the glow plug - limp mode and the engine management light stayed on for a while, but it has now gone. It feels better generally despite the glow plug issues, the rough idling especially. FOCA - One of the first things I did was to change the filter, however it wasn't a Bosch one, as I read about this remedy and there was no mention of using Bosch, unfortunately I read this after installation! I have all the kit for leaning the EGR valve, but would you say blanking would be a better option? Thanks for your help guys, been driving over ten years and learned more about cars from working on the Mondy in the last few months than I have ever learnt.
  7. I've been having problems for the last 2 months in starting on a morning, it will bump off and start with easy start straight away and then run fine for the rest of the day, until it is left overnight! It also has the glow plug light problem when over gearing, revving too hard / quickly or progressing in 6th. I did a leak off test, which showed that 3 injectors were leaking heavily, so I changed all the injectors and re-programmed them with F super. I am wondering whether I programmed them correctly as the injector number - cylinder number - firing order confuses me. When looking at the injectors from the front, I programmed them in order from left to right, this is what the instructions for F super seemed to suggest, even though the order is shown as 1,3,4,2. The car seems to be running better, but it still wouldn't start right off the bat and the glow plug light is still happening. There is some smoke when accelerating occasionally, but no white smoke. I have also changed the fuel filter and air filter. The codes I read before I encoded the injectors were: P1000 P1211 P2291 and previously - P0251 I have looked all these up and it seems that maybe there is a loss in pressure, but there seems to be quite a few reasons why that could be happening. any help would be appreciated.
  8. Changing the injectors as they are knackered
  9. Hi All Looking for a code reader and hopefully one that will allow me to re-code injectors. Any recommendations for my model? cheers
  10. 53 Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Cold Start Problem

    Update: Leak off test complete, looks like injectors 1,3 and 4 are knackered. How much does it cost to have them reconditioned and is it only Ford that can do it?
  11. 53 Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Cold Start Problem

    Thanks for the reply, would a knackered injector(s) cause cold starting problems too? I used easy start yesterday morning and it started on its own this morning! I'm still getting the intermittent glow plug problem, but the last time it happened, it didn't go into limp home mode, the plug just flashed. I will do a leak off test as soon as I can get the gear.
  12. Hi everyone I've had the car since September and it has the glow plug problem, if you over gear or try and progress too much in 5th / 6th the flashing glow plug light comes on and it goes into limp mode. I have had a few bottles of Wynn's in the tank and this has improved some, but if you rev too hard, it still black smokes a little. Since Christmas I've had trouble starting it in the mornings with the cold weather. At first I could jump start it from another car, but this stopped working and it had to be bumped off. As soon as it is going, it is fine for the rest of the day, until it is left overnight! It is a bit rough when idling, but I changed the fuel filter on Monday and this seems to have improved. On Tuesday morning I was able to start it (with a bit of effort), but again today it was back to being bumped off. I had the battery tested and the guy stuck a code reader on, which threw up the P0251 fault, someone else suggested it could be the injectors. I haven't tried any easy start, which I will try tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions before replacing the injection pump fuel metering control? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Rossitron :)