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  1. hello kuga owners

    Hi James, i have 5 Marinas 2 Coupes 1 x 1.3 and 1 x 1.8 2 Saloons both 1.3s and 1 Estate 1.8 , and one day i'd like to have the full set Van Pick up suntor and convertible, but think the wife might have something to say about that esp as i rent 4 lock ups at the moment for the current collection ;) also share a 1955 Bedford Pick Up truck (Dads) a MGF (Wifes) and a Peugeot 1007 ( which i kept when i got the kuga coz i love the sliding doors ;) ) are you into classic too? check out my website for pics not managed to put the latest saloon up yet http://www.eamonnschevy.com All the Best Eamonn
  2. New Kuga

    lol no kids so we can spoil each other ;) we've save a fortune over the years lol we have dogs.. they don't want money, don't need to go to uni, and if they come home pregnant we can sell the babies ;) lol
  3. New Kuga

    Thanks Ray, yea i kept humming and arring on whether i should buy it or not, and when i tried it was sold, my wife had bought it for me as i couldn't make my mind up lol, great surprise and looks great on the car. think I've mastered all the bells and whistles now only thing I've not tried is the auto stop bit, i bottle every time and hit the brake lol but i'm sure it does work :) starting to see a few more about now, did you ever manage to get on the Kuga owners club forum? quite busy with loads of Kuga people, this site is good but not many Kuga owners here .
  4. New Kuga

    wow Ray mine now has 2500 miles on and its now approaching average of 38 MPG and thats a mix of city and good runs, and towing the caravan it does dip a bit then but still not bad, thinking of having a re-chip soon stories of even better MPG and power. good to hear you still love it, I really enjoy driving ours get a smile every time i drive it, and done a few Mods already all cosmetic but i like em..
  5. Ford Badges Gel Type

    thanks fella was the first one, now off to order some Thanks again
  6. Hi Guys, I'm sure i saw a link on here to a company that sold different coloured badges for wheels steering wheel center and grills, but i cannot find it now and as my new car will be here soon thought i'd get them ready for when it arrives, i nearly bought them back in march when i ordered but know i'd put them somewhere safe then forget where that was.. anyone know the company or has the link Cheers Eamonn
  7. New Kuga

    how many miles have you put on it? My wife gets a new car every six months and we've noticed the MPG especially on diesels improve when they have between 6 and 10 k miles, just when she trades them in for a new one lol.. although she managed to let them have a Mk 1 Kuga which they are selling, so I've been running round in a Kuga if not a new one and to be honest its quite good on fuel has about 30 k on the clock and gets about 38 to the gallon if driven sensibly but it is the 2WD version did a trip down to esher last month when i left it had 3/4 of a tank and the fuel light still wasn't on when i got home did about 390 miles mixture of a roads motorway and traffic jams lol and averaged 36 mpg which was quite good, i wasn't hanging about on the motorways and did a fair bit of stop start in London during the week, reckon at 55 and no city driving it would have hit the 40+ mpg so i'd say give it time and the MPG will probably increase, Most manufactures wont even check MPGs till theres at least 3k on the clock, more with dervs :)
  8. New Kuga

    Hi Ray...with the extras i added it's nearer £30 but although i seriously considered canceling the order and going elsewhere, but the competition where giving me long delivery dates too non could get me a quicker build unless i took a stock car with extras that were on them, and there were things i wanted which were either not available on the other cars or not in the colour I wanted, so i bit my lip, emailed the CEO telling him how the company stance on customer service sucks got a reply but still took ages for the car to be built... but finally got the vin number and it looks like all the right boxes have been ticked so i am looking forward to it arriving although not as much as when i first ordered it, i'm just hoping all the bells and whistles will make the ownership happy.. but as you say the dealers bumble through and i sure as hell wont be having any dealer stickers or advertising on the number plates,and wont be recommending them to friends or family, they have asked if i want to wait till 1st September to get the new reg number, but after this long, (should have been delivered 30th May) and the fact that we're away end of August and need it to tow the caravan, means i'll get a 13 plate, not an issue as i'll be putting a cherished number on it soon, when I've decided which one to put on it or if to buy another ;) on a more positive note hopefully... How are you enjoying yours? anything i need to look out for on delivery ;) missing trim knocks or rattles ? best to go armed lol. Eamonn
  9. New Kuga

    Hi again People, Well i ordered my Kuga back on the 3rd March with a delivery of 30th May, and I waited... and waited.... and waited... got given 4 different build dates and subsequent delivery dates and finally have been given the Vin number and confirmation it's built, just waiting for delivery now if it wasn't for people telling me how good the car is i think i'd have canceled my order, are ford really always this bad at builds and customer service?.. car should be here for the first week in august so i can start to enjoy being a ford owner ..
  10. Sick People!

    Great to hear a Happy ending, and Thanks to you fella A Hero in My Book Well done
  11. hello kuga owners

    have you got a photo of the switch? reckon post on here and someone will know if its right!
  12. The Real Mpg

    Thanks fella might give Maplins a look at the weekend, didn't think of them, but there only down the road from me, cheers £60.00 seems reasonable and as long as you can make out whats happened it'll do for me, i don't want to win an Oscar for my film work lol, looks like it can take up to 32gb how does it attach is it a sucker on the window? cheers for the info and pics fella
  13. The Real Mpg

    lol yea Ray, i usually nick her motor when i'm away on business get her to fill the car then i claim mileage back lol win win think thats why she wants me to buy my own new car lol, as to your in car video, i have a set up on my trike ( pedal trike not motor well small electric motor for when i get tired ;) ) but it records whats going on around me after a few close calls invested in it so i'll have evidence when / if something nasty happens, been lucky so far but better safe than sorry, I've been looking at a few on ebay, where did you get yours any links? they seem to range in price for in car from a few ££ to mega bucks... the one on my trike i paid £60 for the camera and £20 for the mount (on handle bars)
  14. The Real Mpg

    as the miles increase the MPG will improve Ray, my wife gets a new company car every 6 months and the last 4 cars have been diesels, and we've noticed the MPG improves once the car had a few thousand miles on the clock, and by quite a margin, unfortunately as soon as she starts to get the best MPG they change her car again ;) i think when you get about 5-7k on the clock it will improve quite dramatically ;) even if you go to most manufactures regarding the MPG they wont even test a diesel till its got a few miles on the clock ;)
  15. Sunroof / Moonroof "vent"

    Yea it is only a vent the one we test drove opened about 1" max enough to allow air into the cab, the open /slide opens much further