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  1. Steering Wander

    i think both fronts are the same tyre but theyve been on since i had the car about a year ago. Power steeting fluid was a little way below the minimum level, but i filled it up this afternoon and have checked but no sign of any leaks.
  2. Steering Wander

    hi mate thanks for the response. ive just been out to check and the remains the same under hard or medium braking. it doesnt pull any more than when driving normally.
  3. Steering Wander

    Hi all. I have a mk6 fiesta diesel that has developed a problem where the car wanders to the right. It is a power steering model and I can also feel slight resistance when turning the wheel to the left. If anyone has experienced this and can suggest a cure i would be grateful. i have had the tracking done on the car and since the front left hand coil spring snapped. i had both front springs replaced but that has not made any difference to the wandering steering. i cant remember any obvious moment when when the steering went like this other than noticing that the steering wheel no longer sits level when going in a straight line and that the car wants to drift to the right with the wheel centred. any suggestions please??
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums DELGRIFFITH :)