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  1. Dab In Focus Ghia Mk2

    Or, if it is just DAB you are after, get down to your Ford dealership sharpish. Ford are offering DAB conversion of your existing radio/CD player for £99 as part of their Ford Reunion promotion.
  2. Hole Drilled In Grille Surround

    I'm not sure the chrome part separates from the rest of the grille, bonnet lock etc wasn't touched. I'm baffled - if it was kids farting about with a drill I'd have thought there would be more damage! It's annoying to look at... Time to check ebay!
  3. Hole Drilled In Grille Surround

    Hi all, Noticed something on my grille surround today (chrome part, mk2 Focus). Took a closer look and it seems someone has tried to drill a hole, almost dead centre below the Ford badge. Not sure why, surely too low to affect the bonnet lock etc. No other damage on the car!
  4. Hi, Got our second hand Focus a few weeks ago now, but one of my annoying habits is hearing things like rumbles and rattles etc. Today I just noticed a slight noise which stops when I press the clutch pedal down. Noise stops about half way down. Best way to describe it is its a little like an electric motor, or a whir/whine. No problems on gears, don't feel shudder, no knocks etc.. Any ideas on likely cause and if its anything I need to worry about? 1.6 Petrol, 2006 31k
  5. Car Vacuum Recommendations

    Thanks Mark I'll check that out- now got a focus Ghia so those velour seats will take a bit of looking after
  6. Buying Used Ford

    In the end, got the car from an independent down in Greenock called Crawfurds. Service was top class. Would recommend. The deals who said that only the 1.8 TDCi's had DPFs was Evans Halshaw. Another used car place had a 1.8tdci with photos of the dash which showed powertrain warning light on. I emailed and asked what the fault was and if it had been repaired. Didn't get any reply but they changed the photos on their site and auto trader, deleted photo with warning light and put up another one without warning light.
  7. Buying Used Ford

    In the end, I found a 2006 Focus Ghia with 30,000 miles. Full service, full years MoT, and alloy refurb thrown in. Made the switch to the 1.6 petrol engine. Should get it by end of week. First thing on the list is to swap out the walnut fascia for a nice silver one, and upgrade radio to oval using the excellent guide elsewhere on this site!
  8. Buying Used Ford

    That's very true. I had a 1.6 tdci back in 06 and did around 20k a year motorway and had no problems. Loved it. Only positives, until it has a crash. That's why I went for one again last month. I am unfortunately many miles from that dealer. I did call a Glasgow ford dealer about another 1.6 tdci 110, looked a cracker but wanted to see if the DPF had been renewed at 75k - guy didn't know what a DPF was, checked with a technician and said they only had them in the 1.8s! (I'd already checked etis so knew it had one) Also couldn't tell me if it had a service history or not!
  9. Buying Used Ford

    Update: Although we did focus on a 1.8 tdci, we ended up going for a 1.6 tdci which had good mileage, service history and was a 90bhp so didn't have a DPF. Car was spotless and ran great. Had it little more than a month until it had a small bump and was written off as Cat D. I'd got it serviced by ford not long before the accident and got hit with a big list of work required that came to £700, and that there wasn't much travel on clutch so that would need done too. Luckily I waited so I could shop around. So back to square one. Still thinking about the 1.8 TDCi but the seemingly higher maintenance and repair costs of the diesels are putting me off a bit - I've seen many say petrols are cheaper to maintain.
  10. Car Vacuum Recommendations

    Sometimes its unavoidable for us. But never anything that could stain. When I bought my first Focus my wife's wee sister spoiled a cherry smoothie over the back seat - had to bite my tongue on that one lol Any way it's all academic now as my car got written off!
  11. Car Vacuum Recommendations

    Cheers guys, found a handheld corded Hoover on eBay that looks like it will do the job for the big messes! Also got a 12v from Halfords for the wee on the go jobs. Best of both worlds hopefully! Even if the boys aren't eating in the car they can still make crumbs appear somehow!
  12. Ford Focus Sport TDCi

    Traded in Mondeo for this 2006 Focus.
  13. Car Vacuum Recommendations

    Hi all, Really need to pick up a vacuum for the car. My two boys (1 and 2) can make a right mess with crumbs, etc. Any recommendations? As the wife says I'm tight fisted- so looking for sub £30/40 vac. I've got a plug socket at front door, so doesn't have to be a 12v. Was looking at the Halfords 12v which was recommended by Auto Express a few years ago, but reviews were very different -either it's great or it picks up nothing!
  14. Buying Used Ford

    just another quick one on this - saw a 1.8TDCi 57 plate C-Max with low mileage.. Not many of these about it seems.. Are they like the focus in that the 1.8s don't have DPF?
  15. Buying Used Ford

    Hi guys, really appreciate your insight on that. There's few 1.8 TDCi's around on auto trader do that does look like a good bet; Thanks again!