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  1. Snoop at T hahaha rights

  2. What do ya reckon goes on in a lads head before he decides to poke a lass on Facebook. A wonder if he thinks it will help him pull her

  3. me mars just gave is the 'we'll talk about it after school' crack like

  4. Results day is gonna be jokes

  5. Always watch mad YouTube videos. Currently watching a fat American bloke tell me what to expect during the first year of lorry driving

  6. Chance of me doing the biology homework? Zero

  7. Started off on a whitey

  8. So funny being In white rooms with me dad and his mates hahahaha

  9. The young cop killa

  10. Tim Westwood is the worst person in the human race

  11. This bird is shot to !Removed! bits like http://t.co/Uv2CCdHvPU

  12. Wish people would just google things or something before they tried to talk about them sometimes like #clueless

  13. Derek Isles for prime minister

  14. Imagine if Jesus was actually real and he just used to mooch about sessioning all the time turning water into wine and dropping pills