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  1. 2010 C Max Diesel

    Indeed. Just purchased from main Ford dealer and all brand new...jack..brace..foam assembly and 16 inch Spacesaver. No tyre as yet. Keeping the foam just incase and also carry an air pump to cope with a small leak. Just don't ask how much....my CMax is a 10 plate 1.8TD. Part no are 1715245 wrench 1480006 jack assy 1713584 wheel assy (steel) 1706961 box assy-stow Correct as of 28Feb2013
  2. Which Diesel Engined C-Max To Go For?

    Hi, I have a 2010 reg C Max with the 1.8 diesel. 6,000 on the clock when I got it. Now has 13,000. Mpg is 40 around town and not a lot more cruising the motorways. Goes very well and lots of oomph compared to my 2002 ECO Astra with its £30 road tax and huge mpg. Way above 60mpg cruising in the Vauxhall but no oomph at all. Averaging 43 mpg in all conditions now. Auto trader suggests 50+ never seen anything like that. Otherwise a lovely motor and way ahead of the Astra. Not a load carrier as the seats tip and fold forward. Not tried taking them out yet. No spare wheel, in the wheel well there is a pump and goo and not to my liking. Ordered a steel wheel and the kit to instal it in the car inc new jack etc as it doesn't have that either. Lets hope it fits. Comes with the kit to secure it to the floor etc. Will it sit proud. About to find out. If not then I will pack it out. Hoping that the wheel is full size. Never thought to ask. Just ordered the whole kit and caboodle. How can you go out and about and not have a jack. Scary.
  3. 2010 C Max Diesel

    Ordered from Ford a new steel wheel and a jack and the foam fit to put inside the wheel to hold the goodies. Do not like the idea of foam and a pump.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Supertel :)