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  1. 20 odd hours trying to fix Vista crash on desktop (selecting icons or menu). Finally got it. Damn you GraphicsShellext :(

  2. Kai123

    Non-Ford Oil Causing Engine Noise?

    It was serviced at Atlas about 5 months ago.
  3. Hey forum. I have a super noisey engine which has caused me concern. One guy on this forum said some Fiestas will sound like sewing machines, which I could deal with and left it at that. A friends dad who owns a garage had a listen to it a few days ago, and was going to ask a Ford Technician if the oil for the Fiesta is proprietary, and that the noise was caused by a non-Ford generic oil in the engine. He was suppose to get back to me but never did (I think i gave the wrong number). Anyone shed any light on this? Its 110 euro for a small service and computer update at my local Ford, and it would be money well spend if I could reduce the noise and at least to the point that I might hear any other issues with it. Kai.
  4. Looks like challenging, thought-provoking and rewarding gaming is coming back :D So many good games in development atm.

  5. I've been trying to think of a word to describe it but a sewing machine is spot on! Thanks Jimrex and everyone else whos chipped in on this thread.
  6. I took a video on my phone trying to get the noise but forgot about it. If I can hear it on the video I will upload it. I have been listening to other Fiestas and they make the same noise. It must be normal ware and tare. Still dont like it though after a year of near silence from the engine, but I think its normal.
  7. We had the last service in Altas. Some branches around Dublin are highly recommended but never really heard anything about the one local to me (Blanchardstown).
  8. Thanks for the replies! I got the tires tracked and it fixed the loose steering. The loose nuts were actually caps to make the nuts look pretty (the mechanic sighed in relief, lol). The engine noise is fairly prominient, but guess when its not! When a mechanic is looking at it. I had shown a mechanic before and he said he would investigate but told me after the service that its fine. This mechanic told me he would hear if something was wrong inside the engine. The tapping noise thats slightly more audioble over the engine noise was the cambelt. He said he could replace it for me and it would fix the noise, but there was actually nothing wrong with it. Maybe I have the new-car syndrome. My only ever car before this was a old Nissan Mirca and compaired to the brand new Fiesta, it was a dream. I would feel much better if I knew what oil they were using but since the car was only serviced last month, I think I might wait. Next time I might buy my own oil and filter and find a rural mechanic to do it for me. If the noise gets worst (the engine noise, not the cambelt) I will try and get a video of it and upload it here. Thank you for the replies. Kai.
  9. Hello forum. Me and the wife bought a new Ford Feista (style) in 2012, brand new. We got a good deal on the scrappage scheme trading in our old 01 Nissan Micra. The Micra was falling apart. The main attraction to having the new car was to look after it and make it last for years and have a hassle free car. We have had the car for two years now and it only has 14k kilometers on the clock. There is a sound coming from the engine, like a spitting, splurting noise. If you rev the engine it drowns out the noise, you can only hear it on idle. One mechanic said maybe a cap inside the engine was loose but its a big deal to try and investigate it (this was before a full service. Afterwards they said the car is in perfect condition). Secondly, and only in the last 4 months we can feel so much more on the road. The tires are good and I mentioned this to the mechanic but said they found nothing. I dont know if its down to age or not or the fact we had it brand new and now its beginning to get a few quirks. Lastly, and only this week...the steering is very loose. It gets better after we fill the tank, but its very odd. Today the wheel is vibrating very, very slightly. The car is 2 years old this month, and 14k kilometers. Should It have these kind of issues? Is it because we got it so new, that we will only ever really notice negative wear and tear over time? We cant afford anything major on the car and thats our biggest concern. It got the full service last month, but im tempted to getting them to replace the oil with the castrol 5w30 oil (on the recipe the oil is only named as "classic"). Any ideas to any of these issues? I plan on taking it down to the garage next week and it would be great to be armed with a bit of knowledge so I know what im asking/what they are saying. Kai.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Kai123 :)

  11. amazing video http://t.co/gq5PmCsu Rebel useless machine!