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  1. ScaniaPBman

    replacement battery

    Yes, a Bosch s4 for me as well. I have purchased several and not disappointed. Just check around for the best price. ScaniaPBman.
  2. ScaniaPBman

    Lost locking wheel but key

    I have used this Liverpool company several times.They are a McGard agent. A few quid more than going to McGard direct but easier to deal with. All you need is a good close up digital picture of the wiggly bit on your stuck on wheel nut. ScaniaPBman.
  3. ScaniaPBman

    Bleeding car

    My experience with diesels is minimal, but this tip may help or be just noise (unhelpful) to you. Anyway, I inherited a VW Golf with an old fashioned injector pump, the TDDI type. After some major head-off work I set off on a test run. I got 2 or 3 miles down the road and the engine died. At the time I blamed my dodgy repair job. My mate came out with a tow rope and we set off back. There was no brake servo (vacuum was from an engine driven pump) so I kept it in gear with the engine turning over but not firing. Just as I got near home it suddenly fired up and ran perfectly. I came to the conclusion that I had purged the fuel system of some air somewhere by the prolonged tow. This sort of trick may or may not apply to these new fangled common rail systems. I have no idea. Best of luck. ScaniaPBman.
  4. ScaniaPBman

    Would my Focus pass the MOT with the back seat down?

    7.1.2 Seat belt fitment and condition You must check any visible parts of: all seat belts fitted all child seat restraints fitted You should lift folded seats to inspect seat belts. However, you don't have to do this if you'd need tools to do it. If you can't lift seats because there are heavy or fragile items on the seat, you can refuse to test the vehicle. For details, see item 4d in the introduction. Item 4d says The reasons for refusing to carry out the test are: The tester considers a load or other items, or insecurity of a load or other items, would prevent a proper test being carried out – unless the load is secured or removed. The above is extracted from the most recent MOT manual cited above. However there is some wriggle room since the wording says "you can refuse" not "you MUST refuse" Anyway thanks for your time and advice. ScaniaPBman.
  5. ScaniaPBman

    Would my Focus pass the MOT with the back seat down?

    Sorry to resurrect this old topic but I have done so to keep all the relevant info in the same place. So I went to have my Focus MOTed today. As discussed above it had the rear seat folded down and the back full of my regular junk. This was not my regular testing station and it was my first time with the back seat down after the recent change to the MOT rules several months back. I enquired, and all the staff there were adamant, put the seat up so that the belts could be checked or fail. I had to make a pile of my kit outside the garage and put it in after. The car passed OK, incidentally. My question to our regular tester members is just this, have the rules on this situation changed or are my new testing station testers making up the rules as they go along? Thanks in anticipation, ScaniaPBman. PS. They said also that rear child seats must be removed as well.
  6. Most likely they are referring to the McGard locking wheel nuts. When I took my Focus to the local tyre shop to have the 4 locking nuts removed WITHOUT the key, they were quite familiar with problems on this model. Cannot remember the exact price but it was something like £15 a wheel. Don't tell anyone but I replaced the locking nuts with plain ones. ScaniaPBman.
  7. ScaniaPBman

    1.6 ecoboost coolant pressure

    One of my previous cars, a SAAB if I remember correctly, had a little catch tray cast in just under the water pump seal to catch the coolant drips. The liquid evaporated quicker than the leakage so nothing reached the floor. ScaniaPBman
  8. ScaniaPBman

    Retrofit rear parking sensors

    I you want to retro fit Ford kit then the costs mount up. You can fit a non Ford sensor system very easily your self. It will just give you a buzzer in the boot which can be clearly heard in the drivers seat. I have fitted this type on 3 Focus cars and been very satisfied with the results. This is a typical offering on flee bay On the inside surface of the rear bumper, underneath the accumulated dirt, you will find circular marks which show where the hole should be drilled to mount the 4 sensors. The kits usually come with the correct sized drill for this. It's an straight forward job. ScaniaPBman.
  9. ScaniaPBman

    Number Plates

    I have, in the past, turned up outside the parts shop with the very car. Look here, the car has the rear number missing, fallen off, can I have a new one please? No problem, here's your plate. Not quite an answer to the OP's problem though. ScaniaPBman.
  10. ScaniaPBman

    Really sharp brakes

    Not just yours but mine as well. In fact I have noticed this lack of progression (sharp brake pedal feel) on several Focuses that I drive. Seems to be common. You just have to get used to it I guess. On some Land Rover Discoveries the clutch pedal was rather heavy to push down. Some owners fitted a brake servo in the clutch hydraulics to lighten the load. No use to us however! ScaniaPBman.
  11. ScaniaPBman

    Ford Focus Zetec 61 plate rear electric window

    When this very fault occurred on my car, the fuse for the door module had gone. Fixed it months ago and the window & lock has worked perfectly ever since. Fuse 118 for the left rear door on my car, check the fuse number for your model. These fuses are in the passengers foot well. ScaniaPBman.
  12. Me neither. I checked my display this afternoon but there was a 'clean' screen, no sign of your 2 little marks. Incidentally my mileage is almost the same as yours, 63266 miles. I looked at another with 126,000 miles and it had no marks either. None of this helps you really! ScaniaPBman.
  13. Pity it did not burst into flames, then you could have had some insurance money. Some years ago a rep. who used to visit me at work regularly, was driving back down the M1. At Luton he had a small fire and pulled over on to the hard shoulder. First thing he did was to empty all the contents out, his business paperwork etc. While he was doing this a helpful truck driver pulled up and headed over with his industrial sized fire extinguisher. The rep. sent the driver back. He had been refused a new company car to replace his current oldish car and here was way to force a new replacement. The car burnt out and he got his new car. Anyway back to your problem, have a good look to see exactly where the smoke came from. Just one burnt wire can cause some pretty nasty smoke. ScaniaPBman.
  14. If you would like to use an auto electrician and you are close to Oldbury in the West Midlands just pm me and I can give you the details of the chap who helped me out recently. ScaniaPBman.
  15. ScaniaPBman

    direction indicators don't flash when locking car

    Yes, go round straight away and check each door. Mine did exactly the same thing on using the second plip press. Turned out that the fuse had failed which controlled the door electrics. ScaniaPBman.