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  1. Well done, that man. ScaniaPBman.
  2. My reasoning also, though the face I have used is not so well known in the UK. I chose him for his punch line. Anyone know it? ScaniaPBman.
  3. spiked wheel nuts

    I have not come across spiked wheel nuts yet. I assume you don't mean something like this! ScaniaPBman.
  4. Spare key options

    Have a look through the above recent topic. As I remember the total cost to me was around £70 and about 5 days time from ordering the key to having it programmed at my friendly local auto keysmith. ScaniaPBman.
  5. Focus designed to die engine features?

    Well I now have expanded my knowledge of engine cooling systems. In my thrashing round the internet since my last post here I found this article on the same subject. http://www.counterman.com/electrically-assisted-thermostat-smarter-way-greater-engine-efficiency/ ScaniaPBman.
  6. Focus designed to die engine features?

    Is that right? I have never heard of an electrically heated engine coolant thermostat. Happy to be further educated. ScaniaPBman.
  7. Alarm system

    It's NOT safe to leave anything unlocked on a cross channel ferry. There is plenty of time between when you leave the car and they declare the car deck a no go zone for naughtiness to occur. I go across fairly frequently driving a coach. Every thing that can be locked is locked. Of course no clandestine (the official term for an illegal immigrant) would ever transfer from the underneath of a truck to the inside of a coach along side the luggage, or even underneath a coach during the crossing. I always leave the air suspension in the lowest position to discourage them. Oh the joys of the road. ScaniaPBman.
  8. Part numbers

    Is this any help https://www.fordpartsuk.com/partsshop.htm ScaniaPBman.
  9. Strange plug

    When it comes to specifying parts for production, it used to be much cheaper to put in all the wires for every option specified on that model rather than have lots of harnesses for every variation. That was the situation some years ago when I worked in the motor industry and clearly still applies today. ScaniaPBman.
  10. front brake discs and pads

    What happens if you don't change the discs? Best not to follow my example! Before my Focus the wife and I ran a Mk 2 Mondeo daily. We had it from new and scrapped it at 250,000 miles. I kept changing the pads only, not even checking disc thickness until it failed the MOT on the front discs. It was braking fine but the condition of the disc surface attracted the attention of the tester. When I got home and removed the disc it was obvious what was wrong. The surface was wavey having been that thin that it sunk into the disc ventilating grooves. A new set of bits, some heavy braking to bed things in and it passed on retest. ScaniaPBman.
  11. Wheel drum

    Get the drums warm first by running with the hand brake on for a bit. Some heat always helps. ScaniaPBman.
  12. Unknown Pipe...

    I have checked it against the power steering reservoir to pump pipe I removed recently and it does not match. ScaniaPBman.
  13. Boot lid struts - possibly needing replaced?

    There's lots for sale on flea bay, this one is typical. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2X-FOR-FORD-FOCUS-MK2-HATCHBACK-2004-2010-GAS-TAILGATE-BOOT-SUPPORT-STRUTS/171177727511?fits=Model%3AFocus&hash=item27dafcd617:m:mmNNssFBw_Ksa9vgaOGsehg I went to my local car parts shop, bought a pair and fitted them in 5 mins. ScaniaPBman.
  14. Suspected Head Gasket/Cylinder Head issue?

    Tess, You might be waiting a while for a reply from Jambokaos, he visited this site last on 31 March 2016. A personal message could possibly get through to his email address, worth a try. ScaniaPBman.
  15. Seat Belt Torn for MOT

    Just drop your back seat, pile a load of junk in there and go for the MOT. I asked this question and here is the answer. ScaniaPBman.