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  1. Me neither. I checked my display this afternoon but there was a 'clean' screen, no sign of your 2 little marks. Incidentally my mileage is almost the same as yours, 63266 miles. I looked at another with 126,000 miles and it had no marks either. None of this helps you really! ScaniaPBman.
  2. Pity it did not burst into flames, then you could have had some insurance money. Some years ago a rep. who used to visit me at work regularly, was driving back down the M1. At Luton he had a small fire and pulled over on to the hard shoulder. First thing he did was to empty all the contents out, his business paperwork etc. While he was doing this a helpful truck driver pulled up and headed over with his industrial sized fire extinguisher. The rep. sent the driver back. He had been refused a new company car to replace his current oldish car and here was way to force a new replacement. The car burnt out and he got his new car. Anyway back to your problem, have a good look to see exactly where the smoke came from. Just one burnt wire can cause some pretty nasty smoke. ScaniaPBman.
  3. If you would like to use an auto electrician and you are close to Oldbury in the West Midlands just pm me and I can give you the details of the chap who helped me out recently. ScaniaPBman.
  4. ScaniaPBman

    direction indicators don't flash when locking car

    Yes, go round straight away and check each door. Mine did exactly the same thing on using the second plip press. Turned out that the fuse had failed which controlled the door electrics. ScaniaPBman.
  5. ScaniaPBman

    Real world mpg

    There is a company that publishes real world fuel economy data. See here.... Just enter your car spec in the table to see what they say. ScaniaPBman.
  6. ScaniaPBman

    2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    If the threads were oily, it is not what you should be looking at for oil burnt in the combustion chamber. Check the ceramic electrode in the centre of the plug as here. ScaniaPBman.
  7. ScaniaPBman

    How hard?

    Ah well, just get a big jubilee clamp which will fit over the pipe AND the rod and screw it up clamping the rod tightly to the pipe and pointing the rod in the correct direction for the rubber hanger. I have done this on two tail pipes so far with complete success. They have lasted 2 years so far. As a finishing touch I plastered everything in the clamp area with high melting point grease. I felt better after doing this bit but I am not sure it made much difference really. ScaniaPBman.
  8. ScaniaPBman

    How hard?

    Are you replacing this tail pipe because the hanger bracket/rod bit has become detached? If so there is an easy fix. ScaniaPBman.
  9. ScaniaPBman

    Left coolant cap off... Advise please

    I have, in the past driven many miles with no coolant tank cap. The car developed a coolant leak and when pressurised, the water would squirt out. With the cap off it just slowly dribbled out. I filled the coolant tank up to the top and just took it easy getting home. On another occasion I drove a leaking coach from Birmingham to London the same way just topping up the tank when required. ScaniaPBman.
  10. ScaniaPBman

    Focus mk3.5 wheel nuts

    Iain, I see I have been mentioned as a source of wheel nuts. Indeed I have a box of surplus new nuts which I have left over from some over enthusiastic ordering for my Mk2 cars. I am however no expert on this type of critical fastener. They were all purchased by me from the shop in Liverpool detailed in the link below... Your contact is Chris, he seems to be the main man there and has always been very helpful to me over the phone and email. It would be preferable for you to give him details of your car and use those nuts he recommends. In my original posting, the member who needed some nuts lived 'just round the corner' and I was happy that he could personally decide whether to use nuts from my box or not. You may find replacement wheel nuts on the internet/Ebay and cheaper too, but I opted to use someone I trusted and who had helped me in the past. Hope this helps, I have no connection with this company except as a satisfied customer. ScaniaPBman. PS He also supplies replacement Mcgard locking key nuts.
  11. ScaniaPBman

    Looking for some wheels

    I cannot help you with the second set of wheels but if you need any wheel nuts for alloys or even a set of locking wheel nuts for alloys, just PM me. I am fairly close to Coventry. ScaniaPBman.
  12. ScaniaPBman

    Active city stop - anyone tested?

    I am not familiar with the Active City Stop system but I suspect it is exactly the same as the active braking system now fitted to new coaches. Basically it detects something too close to the front of the coach as you drive along at any speed over some predetermined threshold and slams on the brakes. Some drivers have activated it driving too close to the car in front. Bad driving I say. I have had it coming in when turning on full lock in front of a hedge which is only a foot or two from the bumper. Try this manoeuvre in your car. ScaniaPBman, PS a ScaniaPB is a type of coach I used to drive. My current daily drive is a new Van Hool.
  13. ScaniaPBman

    Very Loud Noise When Reversing And Pressing Brakes

    I doubt you will have any response from Snowbird. He last visited this forum on 9 December 2015. ScaniaPBman.
  14. ScaniaPBman

    The horn

    Quite correct, do you remember when you last heard the horn from a local service bus. Round my way the buses have all have a pathetic peep. ScaniaPBman.
  15. ScaniaPBman

    Faulty battery or car draining the battery?

    Thanks for this bit of advice. I ordered one and it has dropped through my letterbox this morning. ScaniaPBman.