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  1. This may or may not help. Mine is a Mk 2.5 1.6 with the older classic torque converter 4 speed automatic box so in theory should be worse than your powershift box. On local runs I get 34 MPG (better in summer worse in winter) and on long runs easily over 40 MPG. Measured tank full to tank full. It helps to have all the service items such as filters, plugs, oil, etc. good, with no brake binding and tyre pressures correct. Get that roof rack off! Let's know how you get on. ScaniaPBman.
  2. When I worked in the motor industry, at one stage I was in charge of work schedules on development test beds. We used to have new engines fresh off the assembly line to install on the test beds and run in for later assessment. There was an approved load and speed schedule to complete this running in. It always amazed me how little time it took. The schedule specified timings for light load, followed by moderate load and speed, then a burst of full load through the speed range all in short order. I would never have considered doing anything like this when I was running in one of these engines in my new car! After that I had little respect for all this running in nonsense. All I can say to Aaron, the OP, is to follow the instructions in the handbook then remember the above. ScaniaPBman.
  3. I had a very similar long term problem on one of my previous non Ford cars. Long crank then started up and ran fine. After checking that it was actually sparking at the plugs, I finally pinned it down to leaking petrol fuel injectors. I removed the fuel rail and injectors and had the complete assembly set on top of the engine. Primed the fuel system to have pressure in the system. It didn't take long to spot the one which was dripping petrol. You could still have this problem with no actual drip being visible, since the leak could be small enough to dry up before forming a complete drop. Indeed 2 other injectors in my rail were visibly wet only. I don't know how your LPG system works but you could have a gas leak when the engine is shut down giving the same start up problems. Let us know how you get on. ScaniaPBman.
  4. True. The first time I did a cam belt I removed the starter motor and locked the flywheel with a big sturdy screwdriver. The second time I purchased the proper tool and did the job correctly. You need a sturdy breaker bar, six sided socket and muscles of a body builder to get the crank pulley bolt off. Some use an impact wrench but I don't have access to one. ScaniaPBman.
  5. Have a read here, lots of info on wheel nuts. ScaniaPBman
  6. I have 3 cars all roadworthy, taxed, insured, and used regularly. All Ford Focuses since you ask. At renewal of the 3 motor policies they all offer the choice of Motor Legal Protection Insurance at an extra charge of around £30 for each car making £90 a year for this service. It is possible to have stand alone legal protection by a separate policy, one from the RAC cost £15. Has anyone here gone down this route? What's your opinion and experience? I am hesitating about this, it would save me £90 - £15 = £75 a year. It seems to fall into the category of being to good to be true. All comments appreciated. ScaniaPBman.
  7. A quick search with duckduckgo came up with this https://www.skid-plate.com/ford-focus-skid-plate At between 160 and 172 euros you might want to review your views on making one with your mate. ScaniaPBman. PS. Or £99 off ebay here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333005413886?fits=Model%3AFocus
  8. Just as a long shot. When you have it jacked up, inspect the road springs. When they fail they go with a good bang. ScaniaPBman.
  9. Just for a bit of light entertainment, the boss has a fleet of local service buses. They are all keyless, none more than 3 years old, and he never has any trouble with the system at all. How does the system work then? It's easy and fool proof. First there are no door locks, immobilisers or other fancy protective devices. You just sit in the drivers seat, switch on the electrical master switch, press the start button and away you go. As far as I know he has never lost any through theft. And for your further entertainment, he also has a long distance coach fleet, all recent vehicles. These coaches are more like cars with metal keys, some with plipers as well. It's common to find all coaches of the same make and model fitted with the same ignition key profile. I have only heard of one coach theft during my 35 years association with the industry. You might say who wants to nick a bus or coach anyway but have you looked at the prices. A new coach just like the one I drive every day cost around £330,000. He has one which cost £500,000, yes that's right half a million pounds each. ScaniaPBman.
  10. You might want to contact another forum member who had a similar problem. See here ScaniaPBman.
  11. Will it fit your 07 cc convertible? Don't know. First thing is to get the controller out and compare the part numbers. Next thing is to find out exactly what has failed on your motor assembly. If it looks as if my part does not match, then you might be able to strip it down for the matching common mechanical parts. It was purchased for a Ford Focus MK2 titanium petrol saloon which has electric rear windows. This one is for the left hand side. It might be a common part, I have no information on that. My guess is that the motor, gears etc are most likely to be interchangeable. How much will it cost? I am just pleased to pass it on to someone who can make use of it. £5 by paypal to cover the postage. No return if its not suitable. Send me a PM as advised above. ScaniaPBman
  12. I have this rear window motor/controller unit spare and not required. It was purchased a year or so ago as a used part but the problem on my Focus was fixed without needing it. If it will replace yours. just let me know. ScaniaPBman.
  13. When you say " the hose goes into the pump " that means to me the hose from the power steering pump reservoir down to the inlet to the pump its self. This is a low pressure item and easy to change. When it leaks the drip is from the pump body and can confuse the unwary. This twisty soft hose is about £30 and if you cannot fit it your self, will not cost much to fit at your friendly garage. Try this first before you scrap your car. ScaniaPBman.
  14. When I was looking for a rocker cover gasket for my 1.6 petrol auto this company, which sells through ebay, came up trumps. My car has a plastic rocker cover but he might just stock one for your metal cover. Give him a try. http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/THE-GASKET-SHOP ScaniaPBman.
  15. Many years ago I had a regular run to Spain in a Daf coach. This coach had 900 litre capacity in 2 connected diesel tanks. At that time diesel was more expensive in France so we were instructed to fill up at the last minute in the truck refuelling station close to Dover. On one memorable occasion I fuelled up, paid with the company card, and rushed off to the port. Half way there it dawned on me that I had put RED diesel in instead of the correct stuff. What to do? The instant decision was to deaf it out and carry on bolstered by the knowledge that in the previous 5 to 6 years driving that route I had never been checked nor seen anyone else checked either. When we returned to base it wasn't long before the boss emerged asking questions! What had happened was that the truck stop management had phoned the coach company reporting what I had done. The boss had then to contact the Customs and Excise straight away and pay the evaded duty.There was a dedicated contact number for such a situation. It was just as well I did not have the tanks dipped, my school boy French or bar Spanish was definitely not up to the task. ScaniaPBman.
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