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  1. c max spare wheel

    Hi I hve one of these space saver with good tyre I live in doncaster how much would you pay for it
  2. Fords at Doncaster

    Being born and bred in doncaster I am always interested in the history of the town. My next project is Ford Motor Company in Doncaster. If people can pass on any links in any form I can follow up. Or have any copies of photos of the Ford factory Names of people working there What cars were made there Where the factory made? Any material about the influence of Fords in Doncaster
  3. auto or not auto

    Has anyone heard anything different. A friend of mine as told me that the car Im driving is classed in a way that the driver must have passed the driving test in a manual to be able to drive my car legally? My car a 1.6 tdci 7 speed auto. He went on to say he had read a piece in the local paper where a garage had been done for selling a car to a driver who had been involved in an accident whilst driving his c max auto? when he was only licensed to drive real autos and the c max is classed as manual. (Please do not take any of this story as legally binding as it clearly a matter for solicitors and courts etc.)
  4. workshop manual

    Ok in these times of resession we are all cutting back saving the pennies here and there and thats preciously what the Haynes manual is supposed to help in so not that excuse H plus the C Max isnt the latest kid on the block! Well I found use of a new comer to me anyway TIS availalble via internet does anyone have any views on it?
  5. C- Max MPG

    Chipped 1.6 tdci was returning around 42.5 mpg around the village odd trip into town. with chip on there is def more power so the temp to put your foot down is crazy but honestly if you keep off the power pedal then it does 46 mpg does not sound much but its 3.5 miles and if you want to you can cover them quicker. Views on chips please?
  6. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Spent £2000 looking for the fault on mine. Replacement parts fitted as they were finding the fault Full set of injectors. New Battery Fuel filter Emptied tank of contents Flush out fuel pipes Re programme ECU Full set of injectors again as they said the ECU messed up the first set becauseit was not programmed right (no charge ) and a whole lot of labour Any how they had the car for three months not weeks yeah I mean MONTHS They gave me the CHOCKS AWAY GINNER ! and off I flew. ok I did gain three weeks of fabulous trouble free motoring when one dark evening Stop start So up went the bonnet and out came my torchbut the battery on the torch was low and it did nt last long whoppee gud! The bestest timing I could have wished for. In thr darkness around what appears to be a soliednoid were only to be seen in the dark were short circuiting proofs! Replaced the partand ok to date. Question is £2000 got spent on on parts and labour that did not fix it Jim! I t was a flat battery that eventually repaired the fault. So you gentle folk out there dont go looking for your faults first thing next moring. Put on your boots and take out your batteries on the torch and happy searching!
  7. I have a small but annoying mark on the rear wheel arch and top of the wheel arch side of the bumper bar. Please all you paint buffs out there how do i tackle the job the metal side of the arch i should be able to tackle but the plastic bumper is another story I could send fotos to folk if required. Kev PS for a can of spray from the dealer is more than £10 plus vat
  8. Selective windscreen demister

    You can get one of those ceramic heaters from Halfords or other Discount ceters they blow warm to hot air in a direction made by you onto the screen you want demisting. not expensicve only bout £10
  9. gunk

    Thanks but no thanks with todays fine electronics on cars today somehow electricty and water have two messages they shout out to me, Breakdown and Expensive !
  10. gunk

    Around the battery terminals both sides I have some kind of fungus growing is the battery on its way out or has it caught some disease of some kind Any one got a old wives cure for it
  11. Faulty indicators

    Ive been having people wave at me very often lately and its not that they know me. Yes youve guest it they are mad with me piping the horn fingers up shouts etc all because I never indicated some people sdont have patients. So the fault came on intermitantly and then totally off, looked at the fuse then took it to the garage who said it was the indicator stork so they ordered it and when they tried to fit it they had got the wrong part. next day the right bit came and fitted it so they did guess what that was 75 quid down the pan. So off to the sparkies who found the fault in seconds well two mins really a multi connector had come apart underneath the car. If I was ten years younger and the weather a lot finer I would have been pleased with my self for finding that simple problem but Im not and Im £125 pounds the lighter now.
  12. Workshop Manual

    Have you tried the TIS manual ?