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  1. 2005 Focus Leaking Diesel - Please Help.

    I know, that's the worst bit :-(
  2. 2005 Focus Leaking Diesel - Please Help.

    Thanks for all the help and advice guys. It's now all sorted!!!! It turned out to be the metal fuel inlet pipe above the one the garage replaced. In the end it was a simple case of removing the pipe, then re-attaching it correctly. The annoying thing with this leak was that there were no visible drips or spray etc, even when revving the engine. It was a very slow leak, but appeared to be getting worse. The garage did sort it out in the end, but I still had to pay 0ver £90 to have the wrong pipe replaced :-(
  3. 2005 Focus Leaking Diesel - Please Help.

    Yeah that's what I'm worried about. The fuel pump is about £600!!
  4. Hi Guys, its my first post on here and i need a little forum help. we have a 2005 Ford Focus 2.0 tdci which has recently had a full service, glow plugs, front trailing arms, full wheel balance and alinement and has now has a fuel leak. The leak was first noticed on the passengers side trailing arm. There was a very small puddle on the arm. I took it into my local garage who believed it was the return pipe from the fuel pump as the pipe was soaking wet at the end near the pump. Just to so know, the pipe was wet, the black plastic air pipe to the right was wet, and the pump its self was also a little wet on the right side. Anyway, the pipe was changed a couple of days ago and given a steam clean to get rid of any excess fuel. Today when i opened the bonnet i could smell diesel, and the pipe and surrounding area were again wet. the very annoying thing is i cant visually see anything leaking. Its going back in the garage tomorrow, but has anyone else had this sort of problem, or could point me in the right direction? I have attached a pic, hopefully it makes sense Many thanks Marc
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums m500crt :)