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  1. Mk2 Focus Immobiliser Problem

    Cheers for the help so far but im still having issues. I'v spoken to the guy that coded the keys, he says hes done plenty of ford keys and is confident that the keys are coded correctly. He said he could come back out but i'd be charged a £40 call out charge if it turned out not to be a problem with the keys. So does any one know any way of testing the ignition ring? and if i was to fit a new/second hand one would it need coding? Also is it only the keys, transponder ring or wiring that could cause the immobiliser issue/code? or is there anything else worth checking?
  2. Mk2 Focus Immobiliser Problem

    Ok, cheers for that. Is there any way to test the transponder ring? and can it just be replaced or does it need coding? Also i forgot to mention, when i first fit the turbo. I cranked it with the old battery and charger on. I turned over but very slowly. I left it on charge and when i went back to it the alarm went off. Once the alarm stopped and you turned on the ignition the electric/ dash light started flashing on and off, some relays started clicking in the engine bay and it wouldn't turn over. The lights flashing stopped when i fit the new battery but obviously still wouldn't turn over. Not sure if all thats matters but i thought i'd mention it.
  3. Hi, new to the forum but have search and cannot find the exact problem i'm having. I'v recently bought a mk2 focus 1.8 tdci from my brother. Someone crashed into him around a year ago but he was told the car was fit to drive, so he continued to drive it for around a month. But after a month the turbo went and he decided not to fix it until he found out what was going on with the insurance. Anyway he got paid out the money for the repair and i bought the car from him. So i fitted a new turbo to the car and fitted a new battery. I went to turn it over after fitting the turbo and it wouldn't turn over. I check for power to the starter when cranking and it wasn't getting any power. I then checked for power to the start relay and that is getting 12v when cranking (the relay is fine) I needed another key anyway as i only had the one, so got a auto locksmith out and asked him to code the keys but still won't turn over. I'v also checked all fuses which were fine. I'v noticed when you turn the ignition on the immobiliser light stays soilid for a minute, then flashes 2 times, stops and then flashes three times. Which i'v read means its code 23, anyone know what that means? Any suggestions of what else to check before i get it towed to ford? Thanks in advance.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Fockus :)