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  1. MOT @ 80,000 MILES

    Looks as if the only reading is from the lamda sensor ! most likely the probe thats placed in your exhaust was not working properly !!!!!! If its a hydrocarbon burning machine it must produce co2 !!!!!! cars rarely fail emissions anyway !
  2. This is a word of warning for focus drivers on spark plugs and water ! Today i had the RAC recover my car. Water from the washer jets was leaking into the engine and finding its way into the spark plug ports. It caused a short circuit damaging the coil and plugs !!!! To check this pull out HT leads and make sure that inside ports is dry and no "rusty water". If their is i would suggest removing and replacing plugs and draining water out !!! Also new modified washer jets with better seals are available from ford on part number - 1501053 cost approx £10 per washer jet. i hope this helps someone and will prevent costly repair and recovery !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Had the system charged Febuary 09 at ford dealer. When the a/c is switched on a whining noise starts . i dont know if its the evaporator or compressor anyone have the problem or know any more about the systems ?
  4. Blower switch

    Agreed ! New rotory switch !
  5. Helpp!!!! engine management light!!!

    Crank case breather i think......... wont be much to fix ! Black tape it and it should be fine !
  6. Well personally when i picked up my own car the spare key was NOT a fob key with the lock and boot buttons , just a simple key ! As for the locks i dont know , look at it this was if someone wanted to break into your car they could easily have another key cut making their 3 keys in circulation. Knowing ford it will cause problems if you ask them to change the locks , i dont think its a good idea as ford does not have the best customer service in the world !!!!!!! !Removed! up and brewerys spring to mind !
  7. Can I fit an extra airbag??

    No the airbag module is set to fire in a specific charge , it is designed for the amount of airbagsfitted to the vehicle, fitting additional circuits will vary the resistance in the electrical loom and delay the firing time ! the dash will not have a soft spot for the bag to rupture ! Remember airbags in effect are mini bombs and shout not be tampered/modified or added !
  8. timing belt intervals

    Alright mate !!!! Timing belt needs changed at 100,000 miles , i know this is a lot of miles but with advances of engines and belt material , this is what ford suggests !!! Im going to do mine at 75k just to save any heart ache ! Hope this helps and if anyone else has any input feel free !
  9. Steering Leak

    Just go round every connection and check for tightness , you can buy a leak developer spray thats a white chalk like substance when you run the car and theirs a leak it shows up instantly.
  10. Red and blue high quality leds

    I have just bought the 9.5" strip led's from these guys and i have to say i am very very satisfied with the product, cost and service , usually i dont like using companies that "advertise" on forums but i have to say hands down that i would/ will be using these guys again !!!!! anyone needing info just pm me !
  11. Wing Mirrors on 2007 Focus 1.6 ZETEC climate

    Yep i have the same model of focus and they are quite stiff ! just a good sharp push does the trick !
  12. What oil type and any tips on oil change?

    In my opinion when dealing with oil its almost like car colours you say its topaz blue but decide to use midnight blue , yes their both blue but totally different make ups.
  13. Engine cooling system question?

    Is this a focus MK 1 or 2 ?
  14. Focus Dash Problem

    Erm it could be a combination of things but in my experience it sounds either to be your battery on the way out , test this with a multimeter you should get 12v ! or it could be the alternator , the reason why i dont say its the dials is because you mentioned cutting out !
  15. Spark plug gap for ST170

    Why do you need the gap ? Not being funny but when plugs are bought they are set to specific gaps to give the required air gap for the fuel/air mix to ignite most efficently , further more if you adjust them coatings like silver or irridium coatings can be damaged on the contact surfaces thus increacing resistance across the 2 point which would give delayed combustion