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  1. I was under the impression that my current cage wouldn't fit my headunit due the the cage being double din and the headunit being single din, I was going to buy that fascia you linked previously and then get a new cage. If the cage is compatible with this new fascia then surely the headunit wouldn't be, the screws/slots on the cage won't line up with the headunit will it? Apologies if this is hassle but I really don't want to bodge it or have a possibility of something going wrong in the future.
  2. That fascia would be great but could you recommend me a cage to go with it that I can get online? There aren't a great deal of places around here that deal with this sort of stuff, well the ones I know of are a little shady. Yeah that explains why I couldn't get it to fit properly and the fact I overlooked the clips...
  3. That's exactly the one I was thinking of, although If i can get my current fascia to fit then I doubt I will change it, well not yet anyway.
  4. Just went to take a couple pictures to try and explain what I mean and I found some clips which I must have overlooked before but now even with these clips I don't see how it will keep the cage seated nicely. Also do I attach the inner fascia (silver plastic) with the clips in place to the car then push the cage in, then headunit then finally the last black fascia plate (this black fascia part didn't seem like it would fit with my headunit). http://i5.minus.com/jz1y90BO24U6Q.JPG http://i6.minus.com/jjril8ozQMYbS.JPG http://i6.minus.com/jbhjzuXKYGkada.JPG http://i2.minus.com/jxRXGSJQdgjQY.JPG http://i6.minus.com/jbroKfN8gelWxi.JPG (Didn't want a wall of images so I added the links)
  5. This is a picture without the cage/fascia, your post sounds like it should work but I have no idea how to carry it out. In this picture, do I remove the two screws you can see and the other 2 you mentioned, I guess are the two inside near that compartment on the base and top? I don't see how any of the parts that came with the aftermarket cage work together. Appreciate the help Rick!
  6. Quick update: I finally got round to ordering the parts and today I tried to install the headunit. I got it all wired up and working fine but I couldn't seem to get the cage/fascia to fit at all, it seems there are no mounting/screw holes on the car and I really can't see where the cage is supposed to latch onto. Is there a different cage out there that people have had success with that would work for me? Oh and I have plenty of pictures for this guide that I will be doing. EDIT: I would much prefer a single din cage, well 2 single din slots (1cage) to make up the whole cage and fit properly.
  7. Just had second thoughts about the guide as Stoney seemed to be right on top of things but I'll definately be sure to do it, no harm in it even if it isn't used.
  8. Hey all, I'm Max. New owner of an '08 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 Blue edition. Only had the car a couple days but am thouroughly impressed with it! Wanted to find out a bit more about the car and quite a lot of the searches led to this forum so I figured why not stick around and learn something :)
  9. Wow, extremely quick response and seems to be exactly what I need all in one package, a little pricey though but im not too fussed about spending that bit extra to have it done properly. Not sure if a guide will be need or wanted as you seem to be on top of things, don't mind making one though. cheers Stoney!
  10. Mk 6.5 it is :) thanks for clearing that up.
  11. Hey! A couple days ago I got a Fiesta Zetec '08 Special Blue Edition, and I can honestly say I love it, absolutely fantastic car! So many nice little features that you wouldn't even think about when purchasing it but genuinely do make the car that much more enjoyable to be in. Small side note, am I right in saying this is a mk6.5 Fiesta? (58 plate but not new style) So, onto the topic in question; the headunit. About a month ago I bought an Alpine CDE-123R headunit which I plan on fitting into the car. The car currently has the stock Sony headunit fitted and I want to know what kind of cables/adapters/fascia I need to acquire to fit my Alpine headunit. The current headunit in the car... Note; not my picture. I want to be able to connect my iPhone 5 via USB and use it to play music, not interested in the whole bluetooth/handsfree in car calls. I already know, or believe I need to get a set of removal key tools. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-Focus-C-Max-Mondeo-Fiesta-CD-Radio-Stereo-Removal-Keys-Pins-6000-6006-CDC-/250904481702?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item3a6b128fa6 However after this stage I'm kind of stuck, well I reckon I could work it out as I go along but I have no clue what other parts I will need. I think I'm going to need some form of adapter as the Alpine headunit has a different shaped cable block at the back. Also will I be able to use volume changer on the steering wheel? Any help would be very much appreciated, and I once I have it all figured out I do plan on making a guide for this model Fiesta as there doesn't seem to be any out there (well none that I could find).
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Maxtek :)