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  1. Connects2 Autodab

    I've just fitted one of these this morning in my 2012 Fiesta after giving up trying to swap the headunit to a Ford DAB one. It doesn't seem to work no matter what I try. It took me around 90minutes to fit the unit. Still not happy with where I've left the connects2 unit. When changing the screen wiring, I found pulling the existing cable out of the clips and to in front of the screen helped. Then ran the new loom from the front of the screen around the clips to the back. Where the new loom connects to the old loom just sits down in front of the screen. There's no room behind or around the stereo for the connects2 unit, so I ran the cables down the left of the stereo to behind the glove box. I've just got the connects2 box wedged between the glove box and the heater block. There doesn't seem to be any space big enough to attach it securely in place. I live in a variable DAB signal area but it seemed to match the signal quality of the Pure Highway I was using. I'll have a drive out later and see how it I live in a town under a large hill, once I'm out of town DAB signal is much stronger.
  2. Dab Radio

    Latest update It would appear that My unit labelled AA6T-18C815-XB RADIO AHU DAB may not be a DAB stereo :-/ I bought another unit off ebay Which came out of a 2013 fiesta AM5T-18C815-XN RADIO AHU DAB. Colour screen type. I fitted this and imediately got DAB working perfectly off the standard aerial. The problem now is with this unit.. It doesn't link with the ignition switch to turn on and off I can't set the time It doesn't recognise any AUX inputs, pressing the button does nothing The backlight remains on when the unit is switched off The voice control button does nothing. Bluetooth doesn't work. I think I can assume that this unit isn't compatible in my 2012 fiesta. There appears to be loads of different version around that are all slightly different. It's so annoying. If anybody wants to buy this colour screen DAB unit for £200 + postage (What I paid) then message me asap. I'll be putting it back on ebay soon.
  3. Dab Radio

    Excuse me? I've read every post in here and commented many times. Still no answers.
  4. Dab Radio

    I'm sure mine would be nice and clear if I could get a DAB option.
  5. Dab Radio

    I haven't managed it. Have you? I definitely think there is more to it for certain models of stereo.
  6. Dab Radio

    It has 2 aerial connectors on the back and 1 block connector. Those pics were from when I first fitted it and have no others. Everything else works on it so I use a seperate DAB tuner (pure highway) and tune it in on the ford stereo via FM. Like I said, I gave up with getting it to work.
  7. Dab Radio

    Hi, glad you got it sorted. Perhaps the Satnav units have everything you need inside them, below is the Radio AHU DAB version that I fitted into my 2012 fiesta, and as you can see, I don't even get a DAB option. It's as if something is missing. I tried 2 of these units with the same result
  8. Dab Radio

    For me DAB is about choice, the FM stations in the North East all sound the same to me, play the same pop songs all day long. I prefer rock/indie music. That isn't available on FM here. I could listen using mobile apps, but I drive through patches of no/poor 3G/4G signal. So I prefer DAB.
  9. Dab Radio

    Stoney your guide works for the older models. My last fiesta had that model of stereo and it was a straight swap from a none DAB version to a DAB version. I didn't even bother changing the aerial, just ran a seperate DAB aerial in. That doesn't work on the newer models. The stereo display also shows engine management warnings etc, so it's more integrated. I think either the wiring is totally different between DAB and none DAB versions or something needs to be reprogrammed to tell the car there is now a DAB stereo there. I'm with you on your views of DAB, the boat sailed a long time ago. The technology is out of date and it was not pushed out when it should have been. OFCOM are looking into rolling out DAB+, too little too late some might think http://www.ukfree.tv/fullstory.php?storyid=1107052195
  10. Dab Radio

    Sorry Stoney. I didn't want a Forum member going out spending hard earned money based on your guide only to get nowhere. The method you quoted will not work for the newer stereos. They don't even get a DAB menu unless the car was originally fitted with a DAB stereo. Nobody has been able to tell me how to resolve that.
  11. Dab Radio

    Ignore stoney871's reply. With that model if radio that might be correct. With the stereo fitted in newer fords there is more to it than that. Even with a DAB Ford stereo I do not even get a DAB option on the unit. My local Ford dealer were clueless and pretty much said it can't be done. I use Pure Highway DAB tuner sending it over FM to my Ford stereo. I gave up trying to get it working
  12. Dab Radio

  13. Hi I bought the radio of ebay and fitted it myself, here is the model number sticker I had an aftermarket DAB stereo in my MK6, I've only had this car a few weeks.
  14. Hi How do I get into the sub menu to turn it on. At the moment I don't even get a DAB option on the radio menu
  15. Hi, I don't even get a DAB menu, so fitting an alternative aerial would make no differnce. The car stereo has 2 aerial sockets, 1 black and 1 white, the car has matching aerial cables which are connected.