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  1. Focccus guide required

    I will get a guide written up
  2. Lowering MK2 focus

    Personally after having Coilovers and then springs, I would stick with springs. Eibach do a nice set, you can get them directly from Ford, they lower 25mm which is a nice amount
  3. Still no luck with trying to get this working on the Focus ST - All the wiring loom is there from the steering wheel to the fuse box, all the pedal switches are there, and I have installed the cruise control switches to my steering wheel. I have used ELMConfig to activate the Cruise Control in the three locations, but still nothing when I press the on and the + button (above 45kph). Quite miffed I've not managed to get this working yet. Someone must have got this working on the ST by now?
  4. Hey Guys, Just wondered if anyone managed to get Cruise Control working in the ST. I have the switches installed, all the relevant wiring is already in the car from the steering wheel to the fuse box, also the clutch, brake and accelerator switches are there. I have also used ELMConfig and enabled Cruise Control in the three relevant places, but still no luck :(
  5. I didn't come here to hijack the thread at all, I think this is an excellent thread, I have read through this whole thread, and even the Russian thread, as I feel this is an excellent program and modification, hence the post on my website, to make this more known. I get well over 10,000 hits a day on my website from all over the globe, mostly from Ford users. Not plugging my website at all, not what I'm here for.
  6. I don't know why this is such a big issue. I have been around for many years and is well known in the Ford scene. Owned focus's all my life, first person ever to make a ST lookalike... The post provides credit and links for new members to join in on the club. I've been on here years ages under the "Jamz" username but lost my password and signed in with Facebook, which created this account. You will find me on all the Ford Owners Clubs.
  7. Credit has already been given for the image which I used, and also link to this thread has been provided at the bottom of the page. I fail to see where I have copied word for word though, as I wrote this piece without looking at this guide, just had the wiring diagram infront of me. :)
  8. You will need to use the putty program to enable the extra features - this could fine well be the cause of the issues you're having.
  9. I've made a few of these modified ELM boxes with a switch - looks professional: Also written a guide (just updated it with the latest version of ELMConfig - V0.2.6) Will keep it updated, as I've been following the Russian thread for a little while, and also playing around with the UCDS & FF2 programs - So far I think the ELMConfig is the best, and I've also been creating my own little program, which I'm still working on at the moment
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums James Simpson :)