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  1. same as above for me. Cleaned the button contacts. Works fine now.
  2. Make sure the hose clip tail is clear so it doesn't chaff.
  3. I would have a look at the suspect nut's. This happened to me when I didn't fully push the socket onto the nut and it slipped and damaged the flats on the nut. Still have trouble getting the nut out of the socket. The Garage may have done the same.
  4. Have a look through this topic. I eventually did it. Read through the whole post, nothing to lose. Hope you get it installed. Why this isn't standard the system is there just needs to be turned on which apparently a Ford main dealer is unable to do!!!!!
  5. I had this when I first bought my Fiesta (second hand) from main dealer. Very frustrating as it was intermittent. Initially dealer was reluctant to sort it as when the manager tried it it worked every time. I asked him to speak to the service manager. He confirmed it was a common fault and they had changed loads. Belt replaced and 2 years later it's still fine. Maybe a bad batch.
  6. Check the Haynes manual 6407 section 4A.4 fig 4.10f as above you need the correct tool.
  7. I would check the reception of the stations you listen to in the area you are driving. It can be patchy. I live north of Exeter and BBC stations aren't bad but as I move about the area reception drops out and straight away back in but out of synch. Absolute radio is a none starter as it can be fine then completely drops out never to return for many miles
  8. Are these what you looking for? I used them for my rear number plate
  9. Hi Owen, There is a comprehensive thread on this site which goes through how to do this. I did it to my 14 plate Titanium X. It's a bit of a faf but do able.
  10. Hi. We have 63 plate KA Mk2 and the Gear selector knob buzz's when driving as the knob is loose. It didn't used to do this. This gear stick is the type that has the collar you lift to engage reverse. I have looked in great detail at it and can't see how it comes off or tightens up. I have looked through this site and all I can find is posts "thinking" it unscrews or might have a screw to secure it, it doesn't but no definite answer. Googling it didn't help either. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Hi I used a camera relevant to my year of car. The cable I used was what was required by the wiring diagram in the manual (the diagram I posted on here) the screen is used to stop interference affecting the picture. Suggest trial and error method to work it out.
  12. Hi I would suggest gently lifting the button up and giving the contacts a light spray with contact cleaner through the gap.