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  1. In answer to your question on the date TPMS was incorporated, my Titanium X build date 18/02/2014 does not have it. I does however have the earlier DDS system but I had to activate this myself via Forscan. The Ford dealer was unable / unwilling to do it. So you need a car with a build date later than this. Hope this narrows down your search.
  2. Just a suggestion, Check nothing has been put in the socket. Mine once has a sweet wrapper pushed in and it stopped the centre contact making. Took while to find the fault as it wasn't obvious.
  3. I recently installed a reversing camera and to get the wires through the hatch I took off all of the linings and used a stiff wire and just wiggled it through access hole at a time. Took 5 min.
  4. I had this issue when I bought my car from a Ford Dealer. I took it back, explained the situation. Of course it worked perfectly when the sales man tried it. I wasn't happy with this and he talked to one of the techs. He confirmed that he had seen this many times before. They replaced it under warranty. No issues since and has been fine for the past 2 years.
  5. As above. Never had an issue with the card except sometimes the card reader can't read the card and they have to manually input the numbers.
  6. As above, bit of a faff but I used a stiff plastic rod and just wiggled it through fastened the cable to it and pulled. Make sure you don't foul the operation of the pedals or switches on them.
  7. Fuse 26 and 27 in passenger fuse box on my 2014
  8. It has two separate feeds, 1 each side. check the connectors.
  9. Cragrat


    I haven't had any issues with my 2014 100ps ecoboost. Just had to get used to a different driving style ie don't let the revs drop as at low revs it's a bit gut less. As above check the turbo cooling pipes and make sure it has the correct oil and has been changed frequently.
  10. I have a 2014 Fiesta. I got a cap from a scrap yard. Drilled and fitted the brass fitting from the kit. works a treat. Cost about a couple of quid.
  11. Try the reset feature in the hand book as a starting point.
  12. Had the same happen to me. Ebay came up the best for the fog light on the right. What a pain to replace. There are a couple of youtube videos on how to get to the screws.
  13. As above. Don't touch the bearing. Remove the abs sensor, then the 4 bolts that go through the back plate. You may still have some jiggling about to get the drum off but at least you don't have to deal with the bearing.
  14. I don't seem have a camera settings menu.