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  1. I had this very same problem with my 2014 Fiesta. I had it replaced under warranty after much arguing as at first it worked for them. Eventually they admitted it was a known fault.
  2. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Got a better magnifying glass. No 1 is Brown
  3. Cragrat

    Seat belt stripe/outline

    Hi My 2014 Titanium X with leather seats has the grey stripe.
  4. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Hi, A bit more progress. I now have the Trim and camera assy which looks like the picture. My question is having disconnected the connector from the camera and examined it very closely I can't see any pin numbers. All the wires are different colours and looking down on the Connector (not the green one but the flat black one actually on the camera) left to right I have Brown, Green, Yellow, white, Grey and black. Which is pin 1 is it Brown or Black? Still haven't found the pins to connect to C237. All in good time.
  5. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Hi Thanks, this is good to know for when I get my finger out to complete my installation.
  6. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    yes the screen is the braided wire that raps around the 2 data wires. It stops interference.
  7. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Hi Pin 16 should be the screen. I have had a small set back with mine. Unfortunately there seems to be two types of connector C237. I got the wrong ones the pins were slightly bigger. So back to the scrap yard, this time looking for a later post 2013 model. The ones I originally found were from a 2012.
  8. Cragrat

    Jammed Seat Belt

    Had this exact problem when I bought my Fiesta. As my car was still under warranty I wanted it changed. At first the garage could not fault it as it was intermittent. I pressed for some action and eventually they admitted it was a common fault and duly replace the complete belt assy. No problem since. So I would suggest a replacement is in order.
  9. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Will do
  10. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Hi Liam, Thanks for this. When I return in July I will start shopping for a camera trim assy. I have a couple of 3 pin connectors male and female which I can use for this.
  11. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Hi Liam, These are pictures of my connector C237 (I think) As you will see the male has all 16 pins present whereas the female has 14, 15 & 16 missing these are the camera connections, not sure what pins 11, 12 &13 are for. I have located pins from a scrap car that are the same. I intend to insert these into the connector, crimp onto these and run a screened 2 core cable to the tailgate, when time permits. I will do the same for the missing wires from connector C410. As in my previous post it is the other end that is giving me grief. Thanks
  12. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Hello Liam, My build date is 19 02 2014. I think this is a face lift model although there was another change later in 2014 when the TPMS was fitted as standard. To recap I have the live from fuse 42, the earth and BCM input wires as far as connector C410. The large grey one on the left hand side behind the rear seat but no further. I have the 2 inputs + screen from the FCDIM to connector C237 below the radio again but no further. I have the pins to fit to these connectors to extend the wires to the tailgate. What I am looking for is what goes on in the tail gate. Do all 6 connections go into a single fakra connector or it some other config. Any help would be most appreciated. If you have the appropriate wiring diagrams and connector pin config that would be great as would any pictures / drawings from the Ford tech manual. In a few days time I will be away for a while so no rush as I will not be doing anything about this until I return Thanks
  13. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Thanks, As they say 'every little helps' I think I may have to splash out and buy a 24hr licence for Ford Efis wiring diagrams. I think it is about £12. This should get me the correct wiring connects and plug type with pin connects. At least it did when I did it on my Focus.
  14. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Hi, The picture is of the connectors I copied from the other post on this site regarding fitting a rear view camera, I only have the larger black one. I don't have the other two connectors as my wires terminate in the body, 3 on the left side behind the rear seat (large grey connector) and 3 under the radio. I will have to extend my wires to the tailgate and fit the appropriate plugs what ever they are, hence my post. My screen is the 4.3 inch. Hope this clarifies it a bit. Good luck. It's a pity ford Tech services are so unhelpful. Their standard reply has been to me on this subject 'We don't recommend any changes from your build standard' Is rubbish. I am sure they just copy and paste a standard reply no matter what question is.
  15. Cragrat

    Reversing camera

    Hello, I am working through what wiring I need to install the OEM reversing camera. In my previous posts I have explained how I worked out what wires were missing and from where. What I am now stumped by is what the connectors are in the tailgate. There should be 6 wires, 3 black from the connector C410 (left side behind rear seat) and 2 wires + screen from C237 (below radio).It's what is on the other end I am not sure about. The pictures I have seen of the camera it has a single fakra connector but the picture on another post, see attached has a fakra and a small 3 pin black connector. Any clarification would help. Thanks.