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  1. I also like the heated front screen 👍 why is this not standard spec on every car? 🤷
  2. I do like the heated steering wheel on the EcoSport! 😀 Thought it was a bit of a gimmick but bit chilly up here today and thought I would try it. Lovely and toasty, even encouraged me to drive with both hands on the wheel as the gearstick, usual resting place for my left hand, was freezing!
  3. @StephenFordgood to see small independent honest businesses still around. Wonder what would have happened if you had gone into Halfords etc
  4. I do like doing my good deed for the day 😇 Just finished pressure washing our drive and path last weekend and our retired neighbours came over and asked if I would do theirs sometime. Set to it today, only took an hour or so but I was chuffed with the results, hopefully make it safer for them in the winter. Only got one after shot as he came out and started speaking just when I was finishing 😀
  5. Looks like they might be getting rid of the plastic ones as well 🙄 https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/end-plastic-driving-licences-dvla-25006467
  6. Your attention to detail is stunning 👏👏👏
  7. I've got t-shirts older 😀
  8. Yep, I have thought that before! 😀 I even think sometimes whenever I mention Inverness how many folk Google it to see where it is! 🤔
  9. I don't like having to stay home an extra day! Was meant to be going away today for a couple of nights down to Inverness but weather conditions dictated otherwise! Lost a nights Airbnb as well 🙄🤷 Ah well, duvet day it is then 😀
  10. Son and his pals giving this track laldy last weekend in the garage bar! I had to go out and get them to tone it down a wee bit for the sake of the neighbours 😄
  11. I don't like ripping a rear bumper off and smashing the rear lights on a works truck this morning! 😡 Reversing out of a gate like I've done literally hundreds of times and forgot about a height barrier support pole that's been there for years! Looks worse than it is, just REALLY peed off with myself over it! Before anyone asks, No, I won't be posting a photo.
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