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  1. Found program called Picmonkey, could be the kinda thing I'm looking for.
  2. I've got an idea for a logo for my garage bar and I'm looking for software to create a stencil or vinyl sticker etc Basically it would be a very simple line drawing graphic in the middle with text going around the outside of it. Would just be in black and as it's only for a bit of fun I don't want to spend money on it as the house is going to take all our spare income over the next few years! 🙄. 😆 I've got the image I want, and I know the text I want. I just need the means to combine the two. Any ideas anyone? A free couple of pints in the garage awaits anyone who can help 🍻😀
  3. Am I weird in that I quite like putting furniture together? And in NOT having a wife who buys a lot of clothes? 😁
  4. I would have made a point of making sure they got that one, in an envelope to protect your daughter 😉 😀
  5. Don't know if they still do them but bought a couple of sets from Tesco, pretty cheap but effective 😎
  6. F1 was never the same after Murray Walker left/retired.
  7. I've not had that problem but there are a couple of photos that I've put up that I can't see but other folk can! 🤔
  8. I do like finally getting the Focus steering pump leak fixed! 😀 Not so sure about the size of the packaging it came home in though! Could have sent it in a Jiffy bag 🙄
  9. Never touch the stuff, 'tis the devil's juice! 😇
  10. I do like seeing that Dyson have seen fit to commemorate Lemmy with a special edition vacuum cleaner! 😀 😎 🤟
  11. The rest of the bar area 😀
  12. Probably sounds grander than it actually is 😀 seller called it a 6 bedroom but I would call it a 5 bedroom with an office (which our son is using as a bedroom!) Including bathrooms there's 17 rooms, all of which need dragging into the 21st century. The room we started on, our bedroom and ensuite, was only needing a carpet when we moved in but it had horrendous built in wardrobes which we took out and the ensuite was needing attention so we just ripped out everything and started again 😀 Zoopla link to the sellers listing https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/45-scapa-crescent/st-ola/kirkwall/kw15-1rl/11976468
  13. Glass tank+Young Boy+Football=Possible Disaster! 😀
  14. And with the aid of the same information, another old router and a pair of plug-in power line adapters I now have a decent WiFi signal, and the option of plugged in ethernet, in the garage. Fairly chuffed with myself, even better, apart from the time it took it cost me nothing as it was just stuff lying about the garage and drawers etc We do have an unwritten rule regarding devices at the table. No internet or phonecalls whilst having a meal but afterwards if something crops up in conversation we'll consult Google etc