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  1. Yeah, used the scanner at umpteen different settings, the last one was at its most detailed and it took 20 minutes to complete! And still it was rejected! I've just taken a photo of it on my phone at its highest setting, including all 4 corners, and sent that off for him. He doesn't know I've done it for him so I'll wait and see if he's happy about it or not when he comes home from work!
  2. Any tips on how to get a copy of the birth certificate accepted? It states that you can use a photo of it but I'm struggling to get a decent pic. 🙄
  3. Exactly what we said, it's as if you're applying for a position in the CIA or MI5!
  4. I don't like trying to help our son with his application for a job at Tesco! He works full-time at the local Ford dealer but thought he would apply for a part-time job delivering groceries 3 or 4 evenings a week to give him a wee bit extra cash. He's worked at Tesco before as a shelf filler etc and knows the staff there and the manager in charge of the deliveries is keen to get him onboard. However, in this day and age of everything online, applications must be done via a website including sending proof of ID. Pretty simple you would think? Scan birth certificate and P60, send it, sorted. If only it were that simple. So far, we've sent his P60 4 times (which has now been accepted) and his birth certificate 5 times, each time rescanning them. Each time they get rejected they come with an automatically generated reply listing the criteria but NOT what's wrong with the copy that we have sent. Criteria include "all 4 corners of the document must be shown" etc etc The closing date has now passed and he has lost heart with the idea, which is a ***** shame as it would have done him the world of good and he would have really enjoyed it, I mean what 18 year old boy wouldn't enjoy being paid to drive? If we could find the copy of his ID from his last application it would be a doddle but we can't find it 🙄
  5. 69 plate Tourneo van outside the house just now. Plumber in doing some work.
  6. I think this is too good not to share again (it's in the Don't Like thread as well) This is a real Tweet doing the rounds on local FB groups and was reported today on our local BBC radio station. 🙄 😆😆😆
  7. Pic of a tweet from Orkney police yesterday! 😆
  8. You can go off people VERY quickly! 🙄 😃 Gritters out tonight up here!
  9. For all you youngsters out there.......
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/internet/is-it-legal-download-youtube-videos-3420353/%3famp
  11. Probably be worth keeping an eye out nearer the time for folk selling because of charge of plan. Don't know if you do Facebook or not but it's usually a good source for tickets, failing that try Twickets, tickets can only be sold for face value or less 😉 https://www.twickets.live/ Ah! Back in the days of dial-up fax machine sounding connections! Would take a day to remove all the viruses from trying to download a new album! 🙄
  12. That's the same one that I haven't used as well 😆 No pop-ups on Android phone as far as I remember 👍 EDIT: Just tried it again and I did get a pop up but easily removed.
  13. Do it! Can't beat live music 😎
  14. To be fair it's usually a good spread of ages in the gigs we go to. Even at the last one we were at, Alice Cooper, there were teenagers all the way up to folk in their 60s and 70s! The MCR gig was memorable in that it's the only gig I've been to where you had to stay in a fenced off area if you wanted to drink alcohol! The next planned gig, Green Day in Glasgow next summer, is over 14s only which is a shame for any youngsters wanting to see them.