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  1. Turvey

    Brake Caliper Paint

    Remember to get plenty paint on the discs to help dissipate the heat 😉 😎
  2. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    Our Tesco's alcohol-free display 😉
  3. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    I do like my car making the local paper. It's a bit ironic in that the article relates to a petition a neighbour has raised calling for traffic measures in our area. Whilst I'm all for slowing cars down in the area, what he's proposing goes against the original planning application for the area. This includes taking away bollards that were installed to stop rat-run through traffic and was one of the reasons we chose this specific site to build our house on. The only thing that would do would take traffic away from his house and redirect it by ours. So we didn't sign his petition 😁 Maybe this should have been in the 'I don't like' thread 🤔
  4. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    Pretty sure ours came from Tesco 😉
  5. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    Our 17 year old son had a bottle of alcohol free Becks the other day, I've not had a Becks in quite a few years but tasted pretty similar to 'proper' beer to me. 🍻
  6. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like seeing someone riding their horse on a footpath today! I'll bet they wouldn't have cleaned up after it if it had left a deposit. I also don't like today's earworm. Sara Cox played it for some strange reason this morning........
  7. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    The original pic if anyone is interested in trucks etc
  8. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    I do like being a published photographer! 😁 I sent a pic to a trucking magazine a few months ago, promptly forgot about it until I got an email asking for my address to send my payment........a £10 voucher! 😎
  9. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    I do like watching shows like Wheeler Dealers etc and checking whether the cars they work on are still on the road and what the MOT history is like. What kinda worries me is that when you check the MOT history against the year the programme was made you can work out when they put it through, and what faults were still on it when they sold it! Sometimes the list of advisories would make you shiver!
  10. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    Certainly looks like there's an anomaly. I would definitely question it.
  11. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    We don't pay for it...... Our daughter does 😁 😎
  12. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like the feral kids from the road below us playing on our lawn earlier tonight! Go and play in your own gardens!
  13. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    Get Netflix! Tons of stuff on there 😎
  14. Turvey

    Automotive related ringtones?

    I used to have an edited version of that, cut straight to the riff at the beginning, but someone I work with started using it as well so I changed to....... 😎
  15. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like earworms! Every now and then a song sticks in my head, I may not even like it as in this latest case. Had to put Planet Rock on to try and clear it 👹