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  1. I have to do that in multi storey carparks occasionally! 😃
  2. £2000 a day? 😲 How many vehicles do you have?
  3. Manholes? 😲 Surely you mean 'Personholes'? 😃
  4. I always wash my hair twice! 😲 Doesn't feel clean after the first one but 'squeaky clean ' after the second.
  5. @TomsFocus looks like you've found the source of the unpleasant odour....... hopefully 🤞 I would give everything that you can reach a good clean with your preferred cleaning agent and a brush, replace the rubber O ring and look forward to a fresher smelling bathroom 😃
  6. Turvey


    UK passport holders can now only stay in Europe for 90 days in any 180 day period so that rules out basking in Spain for 6 months 🙄
  7. What kind of trap/drain do you have? The ones in our house actually pull apart from the top to allow access to the trap. And they really stink if not cleaned regularly 🤮
  8. Just finished Steeltown Murders 👍 Watching Ten Pound Poms now 👍
  9. Send them to me and I'll pass them on 😉
  10. Lord Jimpster Of Lancashire has a decent sized table! 😃
  11. It still is! 🤔😂
  12. I do like my truck blowing a steering hose this afternoon! 😃 Not the fact that it blew but that it blew on a closed site and didn't go 5 minutes earlier when I was negotiating busy(for Orkney) roads and roundabouts 😲 From making the call to my boss to being back on the road? 1 hour! This included the mechanic removing the burst hose(obviously) driving to the local hydraulic hose maker upper, refitting and bleeding system.
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