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  1. Turvey

    Bees under shed....??.... I think

    Any beekeepers in your area? Facebook group etc they may be able to help 🐝
  2. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    I do like Gaelic (Irish) coffee and birthday cake for after tea. Too much cream and not enough coffee but was damn good 😎
  3. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    I do like one of the (few) advantages in having twins...... ......TWO BIRTHDAY CAKES!!!!! 😂
  4. Turvey

    Anyone else having difficulty with emotes?

    Just trying 🤔 Seems to work 😏
  5. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like 2 instances of bad driving this week. No. 1. I normally drive a 32 tonne, 8 wheeled truck, one day this week I stopped at a pedestrian crossing to let an elderly lady with a wheeled Zimmer frame cross, when she was about 3/4 of the way across a motorbike overtook me and went across the crossing! No way could he see if anyone else was on the crossing. Edit: I then proceeded to forget to indicate at the roundabout immediately after the crossing as I was too busy squirting my windscreen washers! New truck, washers where the horn was on the old truck! 🙄 No. 2. I was driving along a main A road getting ready to make a left turn onto a small B road. Usual procedure, mirrors, indicate etc now this particular junction is quite tight and you can't see anything on it until the last minute, so I usually cross the middle white line on approach to give me the room to get in and to slow traffic behind me. At the last minute a car appeared at the junction so I slowed to an almost stop, checked mirrors and there's this idiot on the grass verge passing me! Held my hand up to tell driver coming out of junction to stop, driver behind got by me, driver coming out of junction just shook her head at the idiot. We're surrounded by idiots! Drive safe out there 😉
  6. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    I do like our 17 year old son offering to drive us all home after my mum's 80th birthday meal at the pub this coming Sunday. Me-But you're still a learner driver Rhys! Rhys-Yeah, but I won't be drinking, so you and mum can have a drink. Me-Eh, sorry but it doesn't work that way! 😁
  7. Turvey

    Engine Bay Bird's Nest!!!

    They've been called worse!!! 😁
  8. Turvey

    Engine Bay Bird's Nest!!!

    Yet another one today! Hopefully won't be one tommorow.........managed to get the truck parked inside tonight 😁
  9. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like seeing a 10 plate Mondeo in the scrappies today. Looked in very good condition. Asked the boy in there what the story was. DPF fault and a couple of niggly faults that were going to cost about £1500 to fix and they reckoned the car was only worth about 3K so they took advantage of the scrappage scheme. Seems to be such a waste!
  10. Turvey

    Engine Bay Bird's Nest!!!

    Today's effort 😎
  11. Turvey

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like my Mrs waking me up last night...... twice!!! 😡 Once to tell me it was foggy and then to tell me there was a powercut! Think I should wake her up now and tell her the power's back on but it's still foggy? 🤔
  12. Turvey

    Engine Bay Bird's Nest!!!

    What is it with dogs and cow/horse poo? 🤔 Anyway, I'll give the birds 10/10 for perseverance! Lorry was clear when I left it at 3pm on Saturday, here's what greeted me at 8am today! Nearly felt guilty removing all their hard work.
  13. Turvey

    Engine Bay Bird's Nest!!!

    Found a bird's nest on top of the engine of my truck this morning! Could have made for an interesting morning!
  14. Turvey

    Failed rear axle??

    Could be as simple as needing a rear wheel balanced.
  15. Turvey

    Things I Do Like

    Cheapest I could get it all(springs, and shocks plus delivery) is about £150. Springs plus new dust covers for the shockers will be about £70 so a lot better. Will have a closer look at shocks before I order 😉