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  1. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    A synchronised block-in would have worked wonders there!
  2. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    Say no more!
  3. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like changing our daughters headlight bulb on her Fiesta yesterday. Somehow managed to break the top mounting bracket and the spare bulb I had was blown!!! Nowhere up here open on Sunday to get a new one so had to put it back together again for now.
  4. Things I Don't Like

    If they've any sense they'll be selling up for a small petrol or hybrid.
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Ours is the 1.5 diesel and up to now has been faultless. For a small engine compared to the size of car there is quite enough pull in it and economical as well.
  6. Things I Don't Like

    Yeah, not the most inspiring or exciting of vehicles but it's comfy, the driving position is OK (better than the Focus) it holds us all and our luggage when we go away, it's more economical than the Focus and, up to now anyway, reliable.
  7. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like the Qashqai going into limp mode last night! Going to my mechanic mate for an oil change and booted it up a hill to get the oil warm. Fault code led to turbo fault! Did an Italian tuneup today and *fingers crossed* and it seems to be OK for now. Away to Inverness next week so will get a good clear out.
  8. Can you guess what kind of car? https://swd.media/uk/england/motorist-pulls-off-seven-dangerous-undertakes-m1-minutes-1-12300/
  9. Every Car Should Have One!

  10. Cree 501s

    After another sidelight bulb failing on the other car I've decided to give Cree a go! Where's the best place to get genuine Crees from? Obviously eBay is full of copies that will probably fail after a week and I've had enough of that!
  11. Things I Don't Like

  12. whizz people

    Silly question but is the USB cable a) working and b) not just a charging cable (assuming you get such a thing)?
  13. Things I Don't Like

    You'd have a veritable field day up here!!! 8-9am 'rush' hour, OK, so you may be able to see where you're going but other drivers may need to see you! Do you think that they think they're saving fuel, hence money, by not putting their lights on?