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  1. I do like hearing that Green Day are playing Glasgow next summer 😎 Hopefully it'll be better organised than the last time they were scheduled to play there... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-40491878 I also like discovering the first band on are a ska/punk band called The Interrupters, never heard of them before but after listening to them I'm really looking forward to seeing them.
  2. I do like having these for tea last night 😁 I fancy trying to make them myself but to be fair they're too cheap to be bothered.
  3. New heating up and running 😀 What a difference, can get a room up to temperature in quite a short time, hardly know they're on. Just need to figure out what times we want them to come on, just now we're turning them on and off manually but come winter I would prefer it if, especially in the morning, the rooms we use are a bit warmer. We'll need to keep an eye on electricity usage over the next few weeks and still run the radiators occasionally to keep things ticking over but overall I think we're happy we went ahead with it.
  4. Happy Birthday mate đŸģ
  5. As an aside I received an addition to the side project AKA The Piston Broke Garage Bar 😎 Tennant's Lager did a new tap range recently. There was a generic Scotland one I think but they also did ones for various areas/towns/cities etc incorporating local sites and events. I've managed to get one of our local ones, very rare!
  6. Due to being called away to other jobs, we didn't get our install finished on Friday and due to other commitments ie Rock Festival weekend 😁 there was no work done yesterday. However it'll hopefully be finished up on Monday 🤞 All units installed, just one to be tidied up, outside unit still to be wired up.
  7. This is going to be one of the rare occasions when I disagree with you mate 😄 I would recommend watching them in the order they were made 😉 Oooohh! Hot toddy! 😎 What's your recipe? I used to make them with Lemsip added for extra measure! Probably not recommended by health officials, made you sleep though 😀 Get well soon 😉
  8. The one you see in the sitting room will be going, there's another one on the opposite side of the room for a backup. I think most of the others will be staying in case of breakdown etc
  9. I was wondering if they would miss 30 feet or so 🤔 be fine for getting power in the summer house 😉
  10. 3 indoor units to be installed on the wall, 1 in the sitting room to be a floor mounted unit. Outdoor unit location, pipework will be hidden inside trunking. Disclaimer: Please don't diss the decor! It's being replaced room by room 😀
  11. @Lenny definitely not a self-install 😲 So far, we've had 2 men worked whole day Wednesday and half day today. They did all the messy jobs yesterday, holes bored to run pipework and cables etc and today they've been making up and routing the aforementioned pipework to the indoor and outdoor unit locations. Tomorrow will be hooking up, filling with gas, commissioning, testing etc We had air to water heating in the last house(underfloor) and know how economic it can be. This won't be as economical but it'll be better than oil at 60p(ish) a litre being burnt in a 30 year old boiler, which we'll still have for hot water duties.
  12. Unfortunately, due to our location, we probably won't get much of a chance to use it to cool the house ☚ī¸ but hopefully it'll be an effective and cheap way to heat the house. It'll certainly be cheaper than oil heater anyway!
  13. Been a quiet couple of months house wise, family holidays and weekend trips away for gigs etc but back onto improving the place. Probably the least visual impact but, hopefully, it will have the most positive effect on the house. Certainly it's the most expensive job we've done so far. Job started today, hopefully all done and dusted by Friday dinnertime. A wee teaser pic.
  14. I don't like seeing this Connect van in a local transport yard. Reason for not liking? Brand new as can be seen by no number plates and a sticker in the driver's window with a vehicle dismantler's address on it! What looked like minor damage to the front N/S of the bumper and wing, headlight was loose as well.....but that was it. Obviously I couldn't see anything underneath but I couldn't imagine that a minor bump in transit would affect it. Seems a waste! I'll ask my son when he comes home, he works at the local Ford garage so may have some inside info. EDIT: Son says front chassis is bent! Hopefully someone will buy it as a Damaged/repairable.