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  1. Just reread your post @TomsFocus is it just the plastic bracket things that are broken? You can get steel ones that would be a cheapish answer.... https://www.screwfix.com/p/hafele-galvanised-steel-shelf-supports-100-pack/1803T?kpid=1803T&ds_kid=92700024762948872&gclsrc=aw.ds&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249413&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqMXsh46_4wIVTLTtCh3zGglNEAQYASABEgLUV_D_BwE
  2. I would be wary of screws just ripping out of the cabinets! What about lengths of wood/old shelves? cut to the length you want the height you want the shelf at. The weight will be transferred to the bottom of the cabinet and should be strong enough for anything you could load the shelf with. Maybe a couple of screws to hold the supports in place.
  3. @Lenny sounds like you've got a little fighter there 😉 I can totally see why your wife suffered after reading what you all went through. Hopefully the pup will help when your boy starts school...... she'll certainly have her hands full anyway! 😀
  4. I don't like getting a phone call from Mrs Turvey this afternoon! We got an oil delivery around dinner time and for some reason she went out after the truck had left to check levels. She discovered that there was a leak coming from somewhere! I got her to turn off the boiler and the tap on the tank, put a basin under the leak and to phone the local heating engineer who lives 2 minutes away. I got home from work at 4pm, engineer hadn't been so I had a look. Turns out the nut behind the tap for the sight glass was loose. Just needed a halfturn to stop the drip. At 62p a litre I'm pretty glad it was spotted.
  5. Think I'd better explain, I posted what I thought was something suitable but I was totally wrong!!!
  6. Ooh eer missus! 😈😆
  7. @TomsFocus having seen the effect IBS has on my mum I can totally sympathise with you. She does seem to have it under control just now, thankfully. Facebook does have its uses, and hopefully you'll find something that works for you 😉
  8. @iantt honestly, don't worry about the camera thing 😉 been there, done that. It sounds worse than it is.
  9. Thanks guys, everything went ok. Height/weight etc taken as well. Blood was taken to check for diabetes but the nurse reckoned that as a nonsmoker and not being overweight 😇 I should be ok. Just got to wait until next week for the results. @TomsFocus and I thought I had problems! 😲 I'm assuming you've been to doctors etc? regarding your diet and symptoms. Tell your aunt she needs to pack a Snickers in her handbag for immediately after her appointment 😉 I don't always appreciate how lucky we are to live in a place where everything is within a few minutes drive. Our hospital, which only opened a couple of weeks ago, is quite literally a 5 minute walk away. Our doctors practice, before it moved into the hospital, was a minutes walk from our front door! So I can imagine that a half hour bus journey to get home can be a bit of a pain.
  10. Turvey

    Stolen RS!

    Been found in Dundee!
  11. I don't like having a 'Fasting checkup' today. No toast, tea or even juice! Luckily we live 2 minutes away from the hospital so I'll nip home after and grab a cuppa 😃
  12. Cheers @Lenny it took way longer than we had planned, but it's good that it's finished and we're in. We spent way more on the bathroom than we should have but it's done the way we want it and it'll be good for quite a few years. The wardrobe was a pretty snug fit right enough, especially as I had to take it out after I assembled it incorrectly! 🙄 Still working on getting son's room ready for painting! Rare nice day here yesterday so we had a BBQ for tea and we didn't get much else done. We spent a couple of hours washing the walls but the amount of paste left on is incredible! I YouTube'd the problem and came across this vid. Seems to work very well. God, I hate wallpaper! Enjoy your hiatus from DIY mate 😉
  13. Oldest son's bedroom has been started, everything ripped out, stripped wallpaper, filling holes etc Painting tonight and/or tomorrow, skirtings and facings etc hopefully being done Tuesday. Got a sparkie coming to add and move a couple of sockets and add a TV point. Before...