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  1. A double 'I don't like'.... I don't like that Amazon added a 'Free' Prime trial to my last order. When I was checking out an extra page cropped up with the blurb about how good Prime is and it gave me the choice of proceeding with the trial or proceeding with an 'Expidited delivery' when I clicked the second choice it told me I had signed up for the free trial! So basically I didn't get a choice. Second bit is I was browsing various things, as you do, and came across this product being sold via Prime for £25 BUT they tell you that it's available for less from other sellers(on Amazon) with free delivery! So why sign up to Prime at £8 a month when you can get stuff cheaper?
  2. I don't like painting...... I especially don't like painting skirtings!
  3. Very nice, I especially like the Mustang 😎 You must have the patience of a saint..... and a steady hand.
  4. I don't like breaking our son's personalised Tennent's Lager glass! You can't order them just now and the promotion, in which you could win one, has finished ☹️ I've sent an email to Tennent's to see if they're coming back in stock #fingerscrossed
  5. I don't think I'd ever seen it before but that was the second one in less than a week!
  6. House plug, it was a moulded one but the plastic earth had broken off in the socket!
  7. I don't like that our son has some pals around for 'pre-drinks' 🙄 (that's NOT the dislike) and he wanted me to change a broken plug for him, and of the 4 boys that are here so far, only 1 said he could do it!
  8. Yeah, it thought it was pretty cool too 😎
  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10211333692635207&id=1147450735&ref=bookmarks Can't figure out how to download a vid off Facebook so hopefully you'll see it. 😎
  10. Cutting out fatty stuff? Chips? 🤔 😄 On a sidenote.... Jersey Royals 😎 could eat them until I burst, with lashings of butter 😉
  11. Looking good @Lenny We've only got a couple of IKEA furniture items, but from what I've seen they're well put together. Unfortunately our nearest store is Glasgow so if we want anything we have to jump through hoops to get it. Decide what you want without seeing it, email the order, they pick it(for an additional fee) they then email you back with the total cost, we then have to arrange the good to be uplifted and delivered (at a cost) . So I'm kinda jealous of folk who live close to IKEA/B&Q etc mind you if we did have one nearer we would spend a lot more time and money there, so maybe not all bad 😉😄 Liking your idea of raising the Kallax units, it'll fairly improve it 😎
  12. There's certainly a lot less around than there used to be ☹️