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  1. Shaving your feet? 🤔😄
  2. Bit breezy up here today as well 😃
  3. Yes, we have a few. When we sold our house prior to the last one we sold ie 2 houses ago, we rented for a year while our new house was being built. We invested the profits from that in PBs and have managed to keep some after we sold that house and bought the one we're in now. We are slowly using some of that up as we do up this house though, but we always had that planned. PBs are pretty easy to get access to which was quite important. We've won quite often up to now (kiss of death!) but nothing over £100.......so far 🤞 We're not really risk takers either but it adds a bit of excitement to our otherwise boring life checking the app every month. 😃 It's not for everyone though and, as you say, the more you have the bigger chance you have of winning.
  4. Have you thought about Premium Bonds? No interest obviously but your 'deposit' is safe and there's always a chance you could win a few quid.
  5. Who knew that t r a m p was a derogatory term worthy of censorship 🤔
  6. At the end of 2009, Heineken decided to discontinue its manufacture due to its brand image problem in the United Kingdom as having become synonymous with under-age drinking, anti-social behaviour, homelessness and impoverished alcoholism, in an echo of the Gin Craze of the 18th century.[3] Such cheap non-distilled drinks (both high-strength beer and cider) became known as "***** juice" in the UK media. When sold on special at off licences, 3 litre plastic bottles of 8.4% White Lightning could be purchased for less than £2.
  7. Would it depend on what category write-off it was? https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/know-how/what-is-an-insurance-write-off/
  8. I'm with @Lenny on this 😄
  9. I do like that I've had a cold for a couple of weeks and can't smell a thing this morning! See the 'I don't like' thread 😄
  10. Cheers @Lenny I really didn't fancy ✊ the toilet and I remembered that I had a drain snake, flexible metal as opposed to a spring type one. Rubber gloves on and a couple of attempts at poking it through seems to have been successfull 🤞 Mrs Turvey is in clean-up mode now 😃
  11. I don't like being told by one of our sons that there was a 'situation' with their toilet!!!! Looks like a trip tomorrow to buy an industrial plunger and mansize rubber gloves 💩😲🤮 Annoying thing is that it's the son who went out tonight who caused the situation!! Maybe I'll wake him up early to give me a hand 🤔
  12. Must admit most of the names are new to me, but Liam Gallagher, Keane, Lewis Capaldi, Snow Patrol, Amy McDonald are some of the acts I'm aware of.......but I'm getting old as well 😃
  13. Our middle boy is off to Spain with his mates as well this year! 😲 And one of our 16 year old twins is going to TRNSMT in Glasgow with pals later on this year as well. Where does the time go?
  14. While stripping out the spare room we uncovered what I'm convinced is an early Banksie! 😎😃
  15. Is it the same with drinking beer! If I close my eyes it doesn't count towards my weekly alcohol unit total? 🤔🍻
  16. Think I only know one song of his...
  17. Hopefully he doesn't get them mixed up! 😄
  18. I don't do public transport at home but I thought I would see if it would work for me. First bus that I could get that would take me near my work would get me there 50 minutes late for starting time at 8am, or I could walk! 30 minutes, which would be ok on the few weeks in summer where the rain isn't horizontal! Going back wouldn't be so bad, only a 10 minute wait and a 15 minute journey.....if the bus didn't break down that day!!! Think I'll stick to the old Focus just now and pick up a workmate on the way thus earning me 'Green' points by carsharing 😎
  19. Read this the other day and promptly forgot to post it 🙄 Makes some good points, obviously I can't confirm all his facts and figures, but seems to be a LOT of work needing to be done before 2035(or earlier) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-7968085/Eco-edict-new-cars-electric-15-years-doomed-backfire-says-JOHN-NAISH.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead&fbclid=IwAR2olzK1S7QLStkER-drZRJNY9WvgH6wVMsjHrTVpYLOQbWFGDwMFFAp4EQ
  20. Sounds like a flat battery to me.
  21. Spare room on hold while we wait for our joiner to come by and measure up. Decided that the garage needed tidying up, but I got led astray and thought I would make a bar for The Piston Broke Garage Bar! 😄 Had a few old doors and a lot of good wood lying about after stripping out a couple of rooms, a couple of hours later and I had this! It's what I would call a 20 foot bar........looks good from 20 feet 😃 Got to wait for the joiner to make a proper bartop out of a length of wood I have but apart from that it's done.
  22. Went out early to defrost car.... Open car to start it.... could only open passenger door! Start car to start defrosting, closed door, wouldn't shut properly. Scrapped windows, door still won't shut! Spray deicer around lock, still won't shut. Go for kettle of warm water, finally door shuts. Kettle back in house, enter car by passenger door. Drive to petrol station on way to work to get petrol and local weekly paper. Driver door opens from inside with help of shoulder Petrol cap frozen!!! Result? Late for work! Only 2 minutes but I HATE being late 🙄
  23. I don't like that it's frosty this morning, means I'll have to go out 5 minutes early to defrost 🙄