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  1. DAB roof aerial wiring ??

    Closed. Thank you.
  2. Interior light assy removal??

    Closed. Thank you.
  3. Hello. Have a Celsus AN3022DAB roof antenna to replace the original factory fit item above the windscreen on sisters Fiesta 07 Mk6. Antenna came without wiring diagram. Can anyone please confirm that the short red wire with a female, covered Lucar connector is for a 12 volt feed for the amplifier? Thank you, Pete
  4. Hello. Could anyone please advise the procedure for removing the entire interior light assy on an 07 Style? Need to get behind it to change the roof aerial without damaging the light unit or headlining. Many thanks, Pete.
  5. Headlining removal Mk6 ?

    Brilliant. Very many thanks Ian. Rgds Pete.
  6. Can anyone please advise, the proceedure for removing the headlining in an 07 Style, in order to change the roof mounted aerial sited above the front windscreen? Will I have to remove it completely or only partially? Thank you.
  7. Demist Question Please.

    Can anyone assist please? Thank you
  8. Demist Question Please.

    Hello again. Can anyone please advise, What would be required to fit a heated front screen to a Mk6 Fiesta Style which does not already have one? Are any of the electrical provisions already there or would it have to be retro fitted from scratch? Thank you, Pete.
  9. Demist Question Please.

    Thank you again DP
  10. Demist Question Please.

    Thank you DP. Can you please advise, 1, If I reach in and hold the valves motor body, will I be able to feel the motor working when the valve is cycled? 2, Does the fact that the motor runs confirm that the valve is opening and closing? 3, Can I take it that the valve is the only motorized item and that all the flaps in the heater unit are cable operated? Thank you
  11. Demist Question Please.

    Thank you for your reply. As stated, she is complaining that she cannot get enough heat blowing up the inside of the screen. How much or how little heat is coming from the system I have no idea. Are you aware of any type of adjuster in the heater system please? Thank you. Pete.
  12. Hello Again. Sister has Mk6 Style on an 07 plate. She now complains that she cannot get enough heat blowing up the inside of the screen. She has been told that there is some form of adjuster in the system to provide this and expects me to know ( if it exists at all ) what and where this might be. Can anyone assist please? Thank you Pete.
  13. Jack Compatibility ???

    Hello. Can anyone please advise ( from personal hands-on experience ) if the jack and wheel nut spanner from a Mk6 Fiesta are fully compatible for use on a Mk7? Thank you, Pete.
  14. Powered Folding Door Mirror ?

    Very many thanks to Jimrex for the link to the video. Will check for the fuse box the next time my sister brings the car over to the house. Much appreciated. Petel.
  15. Hello. Have Fiesta Style, 59 plate Mk7 five door ( basic 82bhp ) which does not have the power fold door mirrors but does have powered windows. I can see the requirement coming shortly for a power folding mirror on the passenger side and would wish to ask of the likelyhood of the loom being there in the door, to allow such a unit to be fitted? Thank you, Pete.