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  1. Fuel Volume Test

    Ok thanks. Am I testing the volume in the correct way ? im using a guage the same as this : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281143025960 To get the pump running im pulling the fuel pump relay out and jumping 2 of the connectors, I couldn't find out which ones to jump so I took an educated guess and I can hear the pump running when I do it so I guess its right, or could I be jumping the wrong two connections ?
  2. Fuel Volume Test

    Thanks for the reply, I forgot to mention the fuel filter, plugs and leads have already been changed.
  3. Fuel Volume Test

    anyone ?
  4. Fuel Volume Test

    Hi, I've been having intermittent problems with my 99 focus 1.8 petrol since I first got it and I think I might of just found the problem. Ive tried to do a fuel volume test and its producing less than quarter of a pint in 30 seconds. It should be producing more than that shouldn't it ? Also im energizing the fuel pump by taking the fuel pump fuse out and shorting the connection, I can hear the pump running when I do it so I think im doing it right, or am I ? Thanks.
  5. I did but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. 95% of the time its fine.
  6. I have already replaced the air filter, plugs, leads, battery and coil pack. Don't know what else to do now :(
  7. Ive been driving around for a couple of days with the guage attached and it seems to read around 50psi most of the time. The fault just happened and the guage still read 50 psi. Does this mean theres no problem with the fuel system ? Thanks.
  8. Ok ive bought a fuel pressure gauge and its reading 40ish psi on idle and 50psi on throttle which I guess is normal. I've taped the guage to the windscreen so I can test it while driving and see what happens to the fuel pressure when the fault happens but sods law I cant get the fault to happen so il have to leave it stuck to the windscreen until it happens again. Is there any problem with leaving the gauge plugged into the Schrader valve for long periods ? Also I tried to test the fuel volume but when im holding the button on the gauge the car cuts out, any ideas ? Thanks.
  9. Thanks yes I think I might invest in a fuel pressure guage to check it. Problem now is finding one with a long enough hose so I can test it while driving. Any recommendations ?
  10. Thanks for the replies, Ive just found out it still does it when I have over half a tank of petrol. Ive had this problem on and off ever since I bought the car 6 months ago. I replaced the fuel filter, TPS and battery and it has been running fine for the last month but now its started doing it again. I just went to the petrol station which is only 2 miles away and it started doing it on the way there and on the way back ( after the petrol cap had been opened ) it seems to do it worse when I put the car under load at high revs. Any ideas ?
  11. Hi, I've had my old focus 1.8 petrol for about 5 months now and whenever It goes lower than quarter of a tank it cuts out and has a total power loss at high revs and I have to stumble home. Any ideas what could be causing it ? Thanks.
  12. Changed Tps, Now Car Wont Start

    Cheers Soulman. Just an update, I got a new battery, put the new tps sensor back in and put a petrol can full of petrol in it and it started up, so it looks like it was due to lack of petrol which is a bit odd as the guage was showing nearly quarter of a tank. Ive done about 100 miles since and its been fine even at high revs so it looks like it was either the tps sensor or theres a problem when theres less than quarter of a tank of fuel.
  13. Changed Tps, Now Car Wont Start

    Yes i dont have much luck with cars lol. Ive tried both keys, I noticed the immobiliser light stays on for a while when cranking which I read means that the immobiliser is operating correctly. Ive just been messing about with it and the battery has gone flat again, I only charged it last night so it looks like i need a new battery. I doubt that will fix my problems though but I guess its a good place to start.
  14. Changed Tps, Now Car Wont Start

    and when i try and start the car the red light comes on and stays on
  15. Changed Tps, Now Car Wont Start

    Just had a look and the immobiliser light which i believe is above the clock does not flash when the ignition is off, is it supposed to ?