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  1. Unburnt Fuel Spatter

    Many thanks Stef.
  2. Unburnt Fuel Spatter

    Pretty sure but will check again. Thank you. Do you happen to know if water vapour is indicative of any issue? (Apologies, I really am that clueless when it comes to these things).
  3. Unburnt Fuel Spatter

    Thanks guys. No white or grey smoke output as yet (or any more than you might expect on a cold start) - its transparent when warm and idling and I haven't noticed any petrol smell other than at the exhaust. Sensor makes sense. Will drop it into the garage after the trip (circa 400 miles) unless you beleive it should be done before?
  4. Unburnt Fuel Spatter

    Thanks. Relatively straight forward job I guess or one for the pros??
  5. Unburnt Fuel Spatter

    Quick question from an new and non-mechanically minded member if I may? I have a T reg 1.8 Zetec focus which is up to date on the service schedule, but which yesterday I noticed was throwing out a fine spatter of unburnt fuel from the exhaust. Drives and sounds fine but am I right in suspecting the Cat might need changing? Is there anything you guys would advise checking/ doing? Got a reasonable journey planned this week and don't want to aggrivate anything. Thanks for any help in advance Nick
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums stitches :)