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  1. My Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 Progress

    HAHA :D good!! Anything but a Vauxhall is fine in my books. Insurance prices just baffle me to be honest... I'm not entirely sure what they base the costs upon but it isn't just age etc... Fiestas are definitely the way forward!
  2. My Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 Progress

    NEW ALLOYS :D Will get a close up of the fronts with the red caliper asap :)
  3. My Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 Progress

    Quick update! Just ordered some black alloys from wheelbase! 800 pound!!! will post a picture on saturday with them all fitted!!! peange i think we have the same ideas indeed haha :D nice car btw! and philf1 cheers mate. we can all dream of a ZS family. I hope your kids don't go to the darkside (corsa)
  4. My Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 Progress

    np :) Not that i know of, they may be able to but i can imagine it would be quite pricey. I'm having a look around but still can't find any
  5. My Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 Progress

    Thanks Alex! :D Got a lot planned :) Cheers Gaz! I bought it from eBay as couldn't find them anywhere else in the UK. It's the asia/austrailian Grille, managed to pick it up for about 60 pound but in auction on ebay go up to 100. Not many around at the moment though, trying to find a link for one!
  6. Hello everyone! First off i would like to say I am new to the forum so please go easy on me!! I have wrote all this out already but managed to somehow press 'back' and lose my half hour progress. ANYWAYS! I passed my test 4 years ago and started off with a 206 1.1 '05. Loved every second of it. Wasn't the quickest car with only 60 odd bhp but was relatively nippy ( or so i thought ). I had always wanted a fiesta zetec s since i was 12 years old as my dad has always been a fan of mondeo's so there has always been Fords in the family. When the new fiesta zetec s first came out, I was in love with it. I thought it looked amazing compared to any other pocket rocket (vxr etc). Personally for me the VXR looks too much.. Despite having a LOAD of bhp, The exhaust just makes it look vile (personal opinion). I thought i would have to wait ages to even get a sniff at a zetec s due to the insurance prices of today! So i was just browsing one day and thought.. why not have a look to see how much it would cost me to get insured on a 1.6. At the time i was paying roughly 1.4k a year just to get insured on a 1.1 so i predicted 3k minimum to get insured on a 1.6, but to my surprise it was only 650 a year. I jumped at the chance and within 2 weeks i was at the Farnborough Ford dealership and placing my deposit down. I was SO excited! I had to wait a week for them get it all sorted out which was possibly the longest week of my life! So here i am, with my personal dream car and have never regretted it since! Anyways sorry for going on lol! I thought i would just share some ideas i have and things i have done with the car! Thanks for looking :) ... Just found out there is an autosave of drafts on this forum. FML Green - Done Red - To do Blue/white headlights Red and Black Gel overlays Red Calipers Blue interior Lighting Front splitter Zetec S badges front and back Mountune 140 upgrade Side splitters Black Alloys Improved ECU remap after the 140 upgrade Black interior plastics ( radio fascia etc ) Here are just a few photos so far! Thanks! Then! Now Once again thanks!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Jamesb1992 :)