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  1. Fitted new ARB's today, had to cut splits in them with stanley knife. Quite an easy job.... but....they don't seem to fit properly. There is no play in them and no knocking noise any more. But on tightening the ARB clamps up, the split, which I had to cut in the poly bushes, doesn't fully close up as the original ford ones did. There is a gap of 2-3 mm. Does anyone know if this would fail MOT? I am thinking I should have gone for cheaper genuine ford parts and saved myself some time and money. Cheers.
  2. Anti Rollbar Bushes

    Thanks for reply Peter. I don't think i was very clear in my original post. What I mean is, do i need to remove the tension from the wheels, suspension and anti rollbar by jacking the car up? I can access the ARB's without jacking it up. But having said that i now believe i may have to jack the car up because looking at the new bushes there is no split in them(polyurethane bushes). So I think I will have to slide them down the anti roll bar from the end. I was hoping that they would (if they had a split in them) just push on.
  3. Hi, hoping someone here with some experience may be able to advise. I'm going to fit new rear ARB to my Mondeo H/B Mk3. I have use of a pit. Can I fit them from the pit with all weight on wheels, or do I need to jack the car up? Thanks in advance.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums andy1r :)