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  1. Help - Need Clarification

    How much is a clutch change on a focus typically does anyone know?
  2. Help - Need Clarification

    Darn it... Thanks. Expensive times :(
  3. Hi all I am currently having an issue with my l'il Ford, It is a 1.8 TDCI saloon, and the problem I have is as follows: Intermittently, when I put pressure on the accellerator, the revs go up but the speed does not (or very slowly) until I release the pressure. It usually does this in 4th or 5th gear. Usually once it starts doing this it will continue to do so often until I leave it for a while (I.E drive it the next day) It is most likely clutch but it always bites ok, even on hill starts, which makes me wonder whether it is. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Mike
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Zordie :)

    1. Zordie


      Why thank you :)