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  1. Hi, a little update after a long time. I tried to use silicon to seal the leak but that didn't work. I bought from eBay the whole casing already assembled containing the housing together with it's seal and the outlet pipe that goes to radiator hose and inside it had the thermostat with it's seal. That fixed the leak and it cost me just 16.50 pounds( from outside uk and it came in 7-8 days. The uk sellers sale this for 38 pounds)
  2. Hi everyone, i drive a 58 plate mondeo 1.8 tdci and i noticed a leak by the thermostat housing so i emptied the cooling system and undid the 3 screws holding the housing and then i removed the thermostat wich had a seal around it. I replaced that seal with a new genuine one, cleaned that area and put everything back but now is still leaking. Did anyoane experienced this before? I am thinking now to change the housing or the thermostat. At this moment the cooling system is working fine, except the leak. Or is a good ideea to use some appropiate sillicone for this job when i put the housing back to create a seal, would that work?
  3. Hello i am a new owner of a ford mondeo and i am new to this ford can you tell me is there something similar for ford like vcds for vag group vehicles(vw,skoda,audi,seat)?what would you recommend me to buy to work with as many modules on ford mondeo mk4 tdci 1.8?My second option is to buy one universal obd reader to work on many makes and models because i own a fiat punto aswell, is this a good idea?This universal obd tools do comunicate with engine modules only or they will work on things like abs,airbags etc? Thank you and if you know details like price or where is best to buy from or what to be aware when buying or certain limitations or compatibility please give as many as possible Thank you again
  4. New Mondeo Mk4 Owner

    Hello my name is adrian and i am the new owner of a ford mondeo mk4 tdci 1.8,i also own a fiat punto and had before a octavia and a vauxhall astra.all the best to everybody on this forum!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums adrianm123 :)