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  1. Sun breaking through clouds after rainfall in Topeka, KS. http://t.co/FsjYeLhQfV

  2. Aren't we fickle humans & hypocrites: guys giving another guy crap in the comments "anonymously" - cowards! http://t.co/aCcyiW9rk7

  3. Definition of caravansary: (in the Near East) an inn, usually with a large courtyard, for the overnight accomm... http://t.co/m2KiEOyHYk

  4. Who is THE most descriptive author of human transactions, in minute details, authors and book recommendations appreciated

  5. Thanks Mum Susan Maden in Telford UK for sending me @rednoseday noses every year I've been in USA http://t.co/vNcQRWbZ4b

  6. Just got some great pics of the sun coming through rain clouds, I will post tomorrow http://t.co/62Cjeb8MJZ

  7. I'm at the Combat Air Museum in Topeka KS http://t.co/v2oGzCBARn

  8. I love you @suemaden thanks for breakfast, enjoy your day xox http://t.co/yXaz6sYGRp

  9. "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it" @suemaden 's & phone case arrived http://t.co/39NTnOiG0Z

  10. Lunch chicken burger with Lean Entrepreneur and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards http://t.co/4PtrMkN2Hc

  11. Hi, Im a newbie on the board but wanted to invite other 2012/2013 Fiesta owner is they had experienced a similar problem on their Fiesta. I picked mine up from my dealer (In Kansas USA) at the weekend as new with 25 miles on the clock, but after driving another 60 or so I noticed a vibration noise when the car is idling around 900-1000rpm. I made a recording you can hear here I will be taking back into my dealer this weekend, but seen as the Fiesta has been available for much longer in the UK, I thought I'd ask your experience for clues. Thanks for any help or suggestion. Tony. http://youtu.be/opstovKFhaw While looking aorund I found perhaps related service bulletin and another forum post: 2012 Ford Fiesta Power Train Service Bulletin 337706, NHTSA: Action Number: 10043326Summary: Ford: see document search button for owner letter. Certain model year vehicles have an improperly balanced clutch assembly. This will cause a vibration felt through the seat and/or steering will while in park, first gear and neutral po http://www.automd.com/tsb/bulletin_b337706/ and a discussion thread about SE manual Engine vibration/harmonic http://www.focusfanatics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=299923&page=2
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Tony Maden :)

    1. Tony Maden

      Tony Maden

      Thanks Steve. Nice to be chatty with my fellow Englishmen once again.