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  1. Modified elm327

    Lovely cheers mate.
  2. Modified elm327

    Hi all will activating something on my focus using a modified elm327 (focccus) wipe off my remap from mountune?
  3. Mk3 reverse camera

    So I have the green plug in the dash loom which is for the reverse camera. This was taped up. would the rear tail gate loom have the relivant plugs taped up or would I have to buy this loom with the camera plugs?
  4. How do you get the directions up next to the rev counter?
  5. Mk3 reverse camera

    Yeah did think of that mate but trying to go down the oem route.
  6. Mk3 reverse camera

    I have a pre facelift 2014 st3 and was told by someone who works for ford that this is the loom I need and as you said I need to see if the rest of the loom is in my car ( a pink plug taped up somewhere) apparently? I'm going to have a look for this over the weekend so fingers crossed I have the plug hidden away. If it's a case of making my own loom I think I'll leave it as I would not have a clue.
  7. Mk3 reverse camera

    Any other ideas?
  8. Mk3 reverse camera

    I have ordered the tailgate Loom 1788280 to go with the oem camera I brought. When I fitted the sat nav screen I didn't notice any extra plugs or anything but to be honest was wasn't really looking for any extra plugs.
  9. Mk3 reverse camera

  10. Mk3 reverse camera

    Hi all I'm after some advice. I have a 2014 pre facelift st3 to which have just retrofitted sat nav which works well but now I'm looking at retrofitting the oem reverse camera. ive read loads of how to's but I'm unclear on one thing. How do I connect the oem loom from the boot to the back of the screen? The loom which I got new does not look like it reaches that far. Is there a loom hidden somewhere to bridge this gap? I have all the oem bits ready but just unsure about this part of the loom.
  11. Sub woofer

    Sounds easy enough to do and like you say there should be instructions. Thanks for your help mate.
  12. Sub woofer

    Could I use that rca converter with the pioneer amp/sub? Is it easy to wire up?
  13. Sub woofer

    Hi hoping someone has done this or knows how this fits as there is no RCA inputs. Is it a case of cutting in existing speaker wires?
  14. Sync 1

    Right ok Cheers JW1982 I'll be on the look out for one.
  15. Sync 1

    My APIM is from a 2014 PFL. What year would I need to source one from? I don't even get it when playing cd's. Would a new APIM be plug n play?