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  1. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    cheers dsrogan. i probbly don't have enough time to keep worrying about this so i'll put up with it like you. wish i could get the tech spec from ford though. not phoning them at £1 a minute though.
  2. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    ah rightio. i've got a plain(!) titanium, 12 plate with appearance pack not convenience pack then. cheers. a sensor on the back of the handle? i'll check this out when i go out later but my car opens up without my touching it although i do have to be right next to it. it opens up a split-second before i grab the handle. i'll try this later on though. no issues with my alarm in the 3 months i've had it other than forgetting to deactivate the interior sensor when getting out and my baby in the back moving. so that works alright i assume. cheers again, me
  3. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    cheers alexp but i'm afraid that's not what happens on my car. perhaps i should mention that i have automatic mirrors(convenience pack?) i bought my car 2nd hand from motorpoint and although i got the manuals it just brushes over the keyless system. i'm able to unlock my car and open up my mirrors just by walking close to it. this is especially after opening the boot from cold. you're right, though, that my boot opens and closes separately to the other doors. 1 of my frustrations with this is that my dealer didn't really know the answers to my questions and there are differing opinions out there. i've just found out that ford tech info is £1 a minute so that's a no-goer. i'd just like to know what i've paid £1000s for. thanks all - keep 'em coming!!! me
  4. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    Thanks both for chipping in. so i'm guessing that my car will never lock itself. as for if i'd like this feature then yep i would - or at least the option to choose it on exit. it's generally just me using the car so why not just walk away if i forget to lock it. irrelevant now anyway. as for the touch pad, this is why it's there then isn't it? to lock the car without needing the key fob. knowing this now i'll use it more often and see if it seems to be working right or not. so what do we thinking on approaching the car then. is my car supposed to recognise my fob EVERY time i get up close to it? if i open my boot when it's locked, shut it and walk around to the driver door in the morning then it recognises it and opens up the door mirrors and unlocks. however the other day i parked it up on friday night and came back to my driver door on a monday morning and nothing. no mirrors out or unlocking so what's up there? is it the time since last activity? once i grabbed the door handles everything opened up. thanks again all, ian
  5. Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci Shudder At 2500 Rpm

    Not an answer for you but coincidentally i get something similar... 12 plate focus titanium, just over a year old. been to the dealers about this and they said "all focus cars driven by their staff does it". when i accelerate right up to the top gears, e.g. 5th or 6th, and stop acclerating (but not necessarily pressing the brake) my car shudders or jumps slightly. all is well otherwise. just wondering if this shudder thing is a "feature"? cheers, me
  6. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    just wondering if i can resurrect this thread after doing a bit of googling... i've put my focus titanium(12 plate) into my local dealership twice regarding "faults" with the keyless entry. i say fault...they say it doesn't fail any health check so there are no faults. unfortunately i'm not convinced. i'd really like to have some kind of fact sheet about what is supposed to happen with keyless entry/exit. i'm ok with the power button for ignition so i'm just interested in what should happen with entering/exiting my car. on exit am i supposed to be able to just walk away from the car and it locks itself? if so how long does it take to do this and how far should my key fob be away from it? currently it doesn't lock itself ever. on exit if i press the driver black pad on the door handle it doesn't lock sometimes. i can perhaps get it to lock occasionally by mucking about with the keypad. it's not easy and not predictable either. this is on the driver's side. things seem to be better on the passenger side but i don't always do this. in the end i end up pressing the lock button on the fob which defeats the whole object. on approaching the car is my car supposed to recognise my fob every time? it doesn't do this. but then sometimes it does. i try to repeat the same tests every day but it's really hard to write each part of the test so i end up not remembering what's happened. does it matter if the locks are "double-locked" or single-locked. i don't know the technical terms so bear with me. now that my car has been into the dealers twice i'm having to play detective on forums like this as i'm convinced there's something up. it'd be really good to have some kind of technical specification on keyless entry/exit so i can read it and see if my car follows it. soz for the essay but hopefully you can see that i'm getting a bit lost with the keyless side of things. i don't have any other faults that i know about apart from brakes but i'm dealing with motorpoint on that one so shouldn't be related... cheers in advance, me
  7. thanks stoney! i think i'll give up chasing this question now. cheers!
  8. just bought a focus titanium mk3 and i'm also looking for a manual for the sony dab radio. i'd like to know how to get more stations and perhaps facreset it too. am looking for the definite on whether these come with security codes(have posted in other threads on this site and get varying answers). any ideas on a manual?
  9. New Mk3 - Handbook Doesn't Match :-(

    thanks both. i can't be the only person to have asked this question surely. i can't remember reading that bit in the manual but i'll have another look later. trust me to start this one...anyone else got any thoughts? cheers all
  10. thanks preee. quite a few differences of opinion with my mk3 sony dab radio code(or not) then. as for manual, i can work most of it out myself just by pressing buttons, etc. but i can't seem to get an auto-tune from my dab(or equivalent). it talks about blocks and i don't know what they are. ideally there's something online somewhere which i can go and look. i might take a drive to my local ford dealer and see if they've got anything. they seem to be quite unhelpful once they know i didn't buy the car from them though...
  11. hello all, newbie here. just saw this section on the forum so would like to ask a couple of quick questions having bought a 2nd hand car from motorpoint this week. what manuals should be in the black ford folder - is there 1 specifically for my sony dab radio system? i read on here that i don't get a radio code as it checks the vin on start-up each time. i've called a few ford dealers in s.wales and none of them said this. what's true? people on here have said i don't get a code but would like to be really sure. thanks all, me
  12. New Mk3 - Handbook Doesn't Match :-(

    me again soz. how can i get an official word from ford about not needing a radio code for my mk3 titanium sony dab radio? i'm not saying i don't believe the posts in this thread it's just that in a couple of years if i find out that i do need it i'll be stuck. i've called motorpoint and they're looking for a code for me. i've called a few ford dealers in s.wales and none of them said i DIDN'T need one and they'd charge £15-£20 for a new code. when i asked them about whether i actually need one at all they didn't know. is there another forum thread on this that people can point me to? or even a weblink? thanks for your help on this peeps!
  13. New Mk3 - Handbook Doesn't Match :-(

    thanks all! might have saved me an angry call to the sales guy! me
  14. New Mk3 - Handbook Doesn't Match :-(

    newbie here. bought a titanium econetic today(12 plate) which has appearance pack incl. folding mirrors. nice surprise which i wasn't expecting. i just thought the pack was privacy glass at the back and some chrome bits somewhere. some of my service pack is missing(bought it from motorpoint). any of you know any weblinks to guidebooks? also missing the radio code. any ideas please? i'll be calling motorpoint tomorrow but was just passing through and saw this. me
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums ukclarkkent :)