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  1. Battery Drain

    Yeah it runs the keyless module so pull it and lock with the key good luck lol back to ford i go at least i did the first half of there job lol
  2. Battery Drain

    Fuse 56
  3. Battery Drain

    Yes no faults show BUT i just removed radio fuse and keyless fuse 22 mins later its shut down lol so ill have a play and try n determine if its that ( previous post show these most failty)
  4. Battery Drain

    Sorry iphone text lol
  5. Battery Drain

    I know a for mecanic but hes not come acros it before and seams lost as its intermitant staying on more tgan going of but thnx alot for helping out
  6. Battery Drain

    Also updates have been done if i can get it to shut down its fine leave for weeks and battery lasts but if it remains on with in a weak-2weeks dead need to recharge what Ever is keeping awake is draining battery just cant find it lol
  7. Battery Drain

    No std issue ford said it seems ok as fuse was removed and issue was still there
  8. Battery Drain

    Hi all need help and ford cant seem to solve my issue the cars millage light stays on 90 percent if the time now and then carl will go into "SLEEP MODE" But its killing battery over time I've had new battery altinator boot release catch (corroded) module update Drain tests still none the wiser need to solve issue wife got bun in oven and need to rely in car alot
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Deanog :)